******** God.
When me and my sisters are told to do the chores, It's like, every girl for herself.
She always says she'll do it, then she'll just wait until I sorta forget about it, then slip away to hang with friends and hang. I mean, I barely go outside to have fun. This is just as unfair as my dad letting her sleepover at her friends' houses, and I can't. At all. I have to beg, sort times out, blah blah. This b***h comes home whenever she wants and doesn't get yelled at for it. But I do.
Seriously, when its me and my sisters doing chores, it always makes my blood boil how they slack off and I have to do everything.
If you had a sibling about 3 years younger, and she is in the 6th grade and got more friends, and she got a phone and started getting popular on everything and got more conceited by the day, then you'd understand my frustration. And yes, I know I sound like an a** and I'm just wasting my time typing all this. Thing is, Idgaf.
I'm venting my frustrations out. Some points in life just makes my mind escalate quickly from tiny situations like these, to running away or suicide. Oh well.