Honestly, for the past few days i've been thinking deep into a lot of things.
and i've been getting irritated by a lot of people and things and it's just all too much.
thinking to the point of suicidal is unbearable but, now i'm just beginning to wonder how i started thinking so negatively.

like, the world seems so dark and grey. and i don't really seem to care anymore.

my thoughts and perspectives have somehow altered a bit... and i hate how i can't even tell my closest friends this.
that one of their friends actually want to start....harming themselves.

yeah. i'm also degrading my own self worth, no matter how many times i tell myself that i'm confident about this or that. it's just...thoughts keep eating my positive imagination that i keep to restraint my sanity. i feel like screaming again.

i want to run away. but i have no motivation to do anything. go anywhere. not anymore. and summer is only about 2-4 weeks in...
there's so much i want to do that i can't do...
even if i have the resources available to do it.

what would you try to do to work out these thoughts and situations flying through your head? do you distract yourself? fhdsjalfhdsajflchdsjkahfjlksda

why did i drown so fast without noticing for ******** sake?!