i am ashamed of myself. i full on regret what i've been doing.
whether it's bad or good, whether it's for experiences or not, i'm ******** stupid.
now i have to keep this to myself, for no one to know.

oh course i'm not going to say it either, and you guys will just be left wondering.
no, i didn't whore myself around thx guys

but now for the next month, i'm going to be hardcore exercising and eating correctly. idk why, me and a friend decided to get fit before school starts. considering it starts at the end of the month, and we haven't done much.

and i'm putting that thing where i said that i'm not going to have a boyfriend for a while, cuz i'm also starting a band as well (let's see if that works out haha)

i'm on a long running search for this one guy that hugged me at warped. \blushie

i crave a platonic cudding relationship bad D;


and if you don't know what i am talking about with me saying that i won't have a boyfriend for a while, it was in one of my previous entries as to where i was talking about my future plans. kbye

i have no fans