Unrequited love is something that often happens in life.
It will always happen, know why? To test if you are ready or not.
Sure, you can go around and look at people and go, "sh*t, he's/she's cute." , and imagine yourself with them. And dream about being with them for a bit.
Sometimes, God can play tricks on you just to test your patience, self-confidence, and assurance with others. Why? To check if you are ready for the real deal yet.
God also is your match maker, so everytime you meet someone, and experience things with them, it just takes you a step closer to "the one".
Let it happen, go with the flow if you think it's right.
Sometimes, if you think you should just skip it, or next it, or w/e, think about giving it a chance first. You never know what may happen after that.
You can learn so much from it.
Why am I saying this now?
Well, haha, idk if he even reads these or not.
But meh. I guess i sorta like him, but I already lost a bit of hope, or I just lost a ton and I barely have an ounce of it left. I don't know why I continue on, but maybe that's why. Everything I said before this. I let it happen, so I can experience and learn more. I hear their problems, and take it in as if it were my own, and accept it as another little life lesson.
Oh well, as long as it all turns out for the better than for the worse, I'm cool with everything right now. (:
who knows. life is just getting started for this 15 year-old.