Swinging through the sandy desert wondering this careless world without a second thought. All that breaks down to it was what happened to him that day those people found him in the sandy ruins. Evangil was crazy all out of his mind most would say. He doesn't care nor does he answer back with a word. It was as if he were really a ghost brought back from the dead to haunt the living. No one knew what he was thinking in the back of his mind. Though he may be scaring and all, it didn't stop the kids from going to visit him. The kids loved him, cause he would never shout at them for making a mess. The kids would go back to their families and tell stories of Evangil. As the rumors spreads more and more kids started to show up at his hut. Soon, Evangil's hut was full of kids making mess around the hut and outside the front side. Few of the town's people saw what was going on and reported him to the town. Not long before he was reported a group of Rollic guards were sent to his hut. The town's people followed them til they found their kids. Evangil was just sitting on a chair when they found him with a pack of wild kids running around the places as their parents tries to chase each and everyone of them. All but one child was left to grab, but no one claimed him to be their's. The Rollic guard grabs the boy by his arms with force. The boy yells out and swing with his fist at the guards. Only to get knock down by the guards. The town's people watched as the boy was getting beaten until a young lady tried to stop them, but was held back from the town's people. The child was a exile, that was why the town's people didn't care for the boy. Evangil gets up and takes one step, the Rollic guards forcefully engage him. The young lady finally broke out from the coward and covered the boy. The Rollic guards continues beating them both for awhile until the beating stops. The young lady looks up there Evangil stood tall holding out a hand. The guards got up and started running, the town's people followed after them frighten by the force of Evangil. Right after the young lady grab Evangil's hand they were never heard of again in that town. The town's people said Evangil was an evil ghost that took away the young lady and the boy for invading his hut. That day everyone left, Evangil took everything he needed and showed the way out for the young lady and the boy. But they both knew they were going to be abuse by the town's people. Evangil burnt down his old hut and carelessly walk his own path as the two followed him to wherever he may go.