Turning around I see the people, place, and memories that I had love.Walking on beach I notice someone was walking by my side. The water rise as we walk along the beach. Lost in the moment my hand took the attention of my eyes. The warmth it felt when held. The rush of memories sparking the energy within me. I didn't notice until everything around me was passing by so quickly that I was running. My legs started to get weak as I continue. Then memories of a blue moon appeared, and there you stood with a smile so bright it made me cried. You held onto me firmly just before we were about to kiss. My eyes open and I kiss someone's forehead as they slept. I get up and take a step back, as I was about to fall. Someone caught me and all we could do was stare into each other's eyes. I smile and got back on my feet, my cousins and siblings comes by running by as we chased dragonflies through the meadow. I take a good look around as everyone was spinning around me, it felt good. I close my eyes trying to feel the memories that I've gone through with them all. Falling into my deep thoughts, I was spinning around in a circle committing tons of sins. I look into their eyes and I saw sadness, my heart was tore. I shed no tears and thought of us all, looking into the sky above. My eye lids shut and I was embrace with a warm hug. My tears shed a river, I turn around and no one was there. My knees suddenly felt heavy and fell down to my kneels. That was when I was hit with a wave, coming to my senses. I finally notice that I was alone by the beach, there was no one else but the deep foot print I left behind. It felt like my foot prints was someone I knew, but it was the sins that sinks within me that reminds me of who I am.

In the memories of Shishu the Sinking King of Sin.