Just as the story was once told the beginning of the many worlds. Vaiya was born to rule, just the beginning of his life started else where. Vaiya was the only male of a noble general to the old kingdom, High Guard. The once great kingdom was now a ruin since the great journey. Only a few remain to watch over the kingdom, but as years pass the kingdom fell in size. Those who left didn't return, or at least everyone thought so. Most of the population of the old kingdom was filled with older folks, and lacked too many vulnerable spots for attacks. Vaiya did whatever he could to help out around in the old kingdom, many of the folks respected him.

He was repairing an broken down wall with few of the elders, it took 3 days just before it was almost finished. But few of the elders who was helping with the wall went missing outside of the broken wall. Vaiya lead a group to find the missing elders, instead they fell upon a few raiders who were covered in blood. The group ambushed the raiders and spared one. They questioned the raider, Vaiya kills him instantly after the raider told them everything. The group returned back to the broken wall, but it was too late. Raiders were seen moving into the inner wall. The group had to circle around to reach the east gate. By the time they've reach there, raiders were crawling around attacking the guards at the east gate. Vaiya lead his group and was able to defend the east gate. From the top of the gates Vaiya can see the old kingdom in flames. The elders lead Vaiya through a secret passage he hasn't seen before. The secret passage had tunnels running from all sides.

They used the tunnels to their advantage to rid of the invaders. The high guardians fought hard and long, but it took them only 3 years before their numbers was almost reduce to 15. The high guardians planned their escape to evacuate and move to the old southern gate or where it used to be. They fled the old kingdom and ran into a few raiders who were out on guard. Killing straggler raiders on their way to the southern gate, there was a large party of raiders feasting near the burnt down gate. The high guardians scouts out possible escape route to evade the party. They couldn't wait any longer, dawn was drawing near. They followed through a risky escape route and was spotted by a few stragglers. The stragglers were female raiders, they couldn't risk to let them alarm the others or else they would draw in the party of raiders. The high guardians took action and captures the raiders. One straggler spots them and tries to alarm the others. Vaiya binds her hands and knocks her out cold. Slain all 7 of them just before heading out of the southern gate.

It didn't take too long before the party notice the slain bodies and lead a chasing team to go after the guards. The chasing party soon caught up with them in the forest as they fought their way out of the forest. They fought their way out but the raider party lead by a female surrounded them. The guards circled around Vaiya as they defended against arrows. The guards began to fall until there was only 8 of them left standing. Vaiya grabs his blade and slash one of the guards, the guards then focused on Vaiya and they all started to focus on Vaiya. The raiders watch as Vaiya was killing his own guards, the party leader calls for a cease fire. Vaiya kills the last of the guards as his face was covered in blood and tears. Vaiya stood there as he took a few arrows and fell on his knees. The raiders round back to the southern gates, but the party leader and a few remained. She walks over to Vaiya as he still draws a few breathe. She takes out her blade about to trust the metal into his neck. Vaiya lets out a cry that startle the rest of the raiders, the party leader then drops her blade and covers his arrow wounds with some cloth.