The three were a family at last having at least each other to rely on. It only seems to early for that to even begin with having Evangil around. It was worth a try even trying to catch the eyes of Evangil. At least the boy caught his attention, instead of being called an exile or an outcast. The boy finally got a name that sticks with him, Xeiber. The boy was so happy being given a name. Xeiber was smiling as if he had never before, the young lady was also happy for him. Though she hid her own name from Evangil, just so she can have a chance to be given a name by Evangil like Xeiber did. Evangil was always careful around the lady, even though she wanted to get closer to him like Xeiber. She would always ask Evangil to give her a name, but Evangil would always point to the sky and say "wait a couple of days then I'll see when is a good time to name you". After that being said, she never bothered Evangil again until she was given a name. "Nordee Nordee, what does that mean?", she would always ask to Evangil. Evangil would reply back saying "look you wanted a new name now you got one so stop asking me why it's Nordee... it's means the past and future you hold it all together." Being said they journey off again to wherever leads they get.