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ถ้าเธอรักใครคนหนึ่ง (If You Love Someone)


My life experience with,

every time I come back online here it feels empty.... Long lost memories that will never once be again. Great friends whom I've lost through time. It's as if I'm sitting at the top of the throne and my last friends are now just an empty shield of armors. It pains me to come back into this room and look at all these glamorous armors, rings, and weapons....

Then there are the ones whom I loved and love, they were the creatures of the myths and legends.

There was a Grand Queen Drakenmaid who was of mix blood, she was of many creatures, nonetheless one whom I loved thy most.. She vanish because of my greedy heart that was drawn to her golden heart.

Then there is a Kitten whom is under my care free state of mind, she is fond of me and I to her. Tho she is young, she is there.... Yet she isn't. It's as watching my old age taking a toll on me. She may only see thy end of me. Joyous as it seems...

Feel free to get connected with me again send me a private message via Gaia, enjoy my profile page.

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Cease_to_exists Report | 11/21/2023 4:41 pm
I just looked up the yaoi, I have t see it now! One yaoi I always wanted to catch up is Loveless and descendants of darkness! 4laugh
Cease_to_exists Report | 11/16/2023 7:26 am
Depends on the mood really. But my top two have to be between Okane ga Nai and Gravitation! I am not sure if they made this manga into an anime, but I was obsessed with this yaoi called "Jazz" as well 3nodding
EmpeRor_ArKai Report | 11/14/2023 7:11 pm
If you see this and we've made promises in the past. I want you to know that those promises are now and forever broken/void. We should be free after we're gone. And so thus these words of shackles can break when our personal time comes.
Cease_to_exists Report | 10/28/2023 9:04 pm
Thanks for the add! Hope you're well.
Gaudriko Report | 09/01/2023 4:08 pm
I logged into gaia at random - dont remember anything. but I hope life is well for you smile
Slayt Raven Report | 08/06/2023 6:09 pm
Slayt Raven
Not much here either. I get on like once a week for scheme week avi changes lol. Figured I'd start checking in with people I saw online
Kozmog Report | 08/04/2023 7:10 pm
Slayt Raven Report | 08/01/2023 7:54 pm
Slayt Raven
Kozmog Report | 07/25/2023 7:17 am
Wanna join some zomg discords? :3
Shaded Wolf Lady2 Report | 11/24/2019 4:37 pm
Shaded Wolf Lady2
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Candi the lost princess



There are times when you rebel against something you don't know any better about. Sometimes you wanna be on top saying your something. Sometimes you miss someone that you would die waiting for. Sometimes the unthinkable comes and goes ripping at each and every little thought you have. Those were the times, when you just need to be held onto tight. No matter who it is that person cares more to be suffering with you.

This is being written to those who are having trouble in life, dramas, and etc. The world is big, big enough to where you can earn enough to find a better place to life. Better yet i'll be back with more to say done deal i feel your pain....

If you see an item you like on my avatar and want to know the name just PM me.