Far away in a distance land of sand and dust lies a ruin city of a lost legend. There it all began, the hero of the dead legends. Not too long ago this legend lives to see it last moments. Fallen out of places where this hero comes from. This hero was none other then the one you never seen nor heard of. So, even Evangil doesn't bring any thoughts to the many who hasn't even heard, have they not? So it seems, very well here is a new story of this legends of which I speak of. This man who walks alone knows of no righteousness, Since the day he was saved after the latest war that has broken the human race apart. He was barely alive when they found him in the ruins of the sandy ruins. He fought for his freedom beating the living hell out of people who looked down on him. No one really knew who he was or where he came from. He was a man without a background, as if he was a ghost from the past that haunts the living. Evangil was his name, that was all that everyone knew of him.