Day 32, Betrayal

I loved him once
Or at least thought I did
I gave him chance after chance
Like a desperate kid

The lying didn't stop
I was thrown in the back
Never to be the one on top
Being important, what a hack

It got worse as time went on
The feelings within my heart
But I would no longer be his pawn
I should have known it from the start

The cheating is where I drew the line
Betrayal is not a game to play
In your darkest hour I will shine
And leave before the love day

Shattered is my trust
Love thrown in the trash
My heart will turn to dust
Until I found the one who will crash

Breaking all of my walls
Tearing into my soul
Like rain my love falls
Saving me was his goal

Betrayal replaced by loyalty
A feeling like nothing ever before
He made me feel like royalty
Even though we were poor

Something that will never end
A promise we made to each other
All the way through the abyss we will send
And our love will go even farther