Day 35, Rock 'n' Roll

“We all just wanna be big rock
stars”, or at least that's how the song goes. The idea of being
a rock star has been around for a very long time, starting in the
early 50's and is probably going to last until the end of time. And
for so many people, it is true. The lure of fame and fortune, having
everyone know your name, being able to impact our culture in ways
that no one else can, these things draw almost every human to become
a rock star. Unfortunately, not everyone can become a rock star and
quite a few that do, either don't deserve it or should never be in
such an influential position. I absolutely love rock music and, at
times, wish I could become a rock star and make it big; but I know
I'll never make it so I keep it in my dreams and become the rock star
of my family.