Day 42, Celebrating a Birthday

“Happy Birthday!” Has been said for so long its getting annoying, and yet again it is being said to me for like the fiftieth time today. I can't stand it, its the one time of year anyone even acknowledges that I exist, its beyond fake. The few friends I have, and of course my family, are the only people that actually mean it. Its been written all over my Facebook wall, I've even received some mail and notes in my locker which was a total shock. While this should be one of the best days of the year for me, I absolutely hate it. Its not the celebration of how many years of life I've survived, or the presents, and its definitely not the cake that I hate. What I hate is all the attention from people who don't really care.
Even though I hate this day so much, I absolutely love the celebration. My family has a tradition that they do with everyone in the family, even each other. We get two parties; one with the family which is less fun but its so personal every year it makes me want to cry sometimes, and then we get the party for our friends and the rest of the family which is the more fun party. The family party we get a home cooked meal of our choosing with a special desert that isn't allowed to be cake and ice cream. We then open our gifts from our parents and siblings, which usually the siblings' are either bought by our parents or are home made which I love even more. They are always very specific to us and can sometimes be embarrassing, which is why they are opened now with only the family. Its not very up beat but its so comforting to know how much my family loves me and how it always comes flowing out on my special day.
The party with our friends, on the other hand, changes from year to year. There are a few constants such as cake, ice cream, friends, fun, and presents but the rest of it is almost never the same. This year we're all going out to see a movie together that, surprisingly enough, comes out on my birthday and we've all been dying to see it. Then we go back to my place for pizza and presents. Afterward we're going to put ourselves into a sugar coma and try to play some party games, or some group video games like the Mario Bro's or something. Eventually we might fall asleep but that isn't really in the plans, sometimes we don't sleep at all. Thankfully my birthday fell on a Friday this year so all of this was possible day of. I got my family party yesterday, just so we could do this today. I love my birthday.