Day 41, Prostitution

“You whore,” she laughed at me joking. We were in the bar late at night and she was so tipsy she could no longer control her words. Even though she was my best friend in the whole world, she didn't know how true that statement was, no one did.
“And you're just so much better,” I laughed back at her keeping the joke going. I wish I could at least tell her the truth but that would be impossible. If word got out I was selling my body at night, I would be kicked out of school and never be able to finish. I wish I didn't have to do it in the first place but I really had no choice. This world is just too expensive for a single university student with a crappy job.
I achieved my dream, attending one of the most prestigious universities in the country, unfortunately life in this part of the country is way more expensive than I had ever anticipated. I was so used to the comforts of small town life that I didn't realize the extent to the cities harshness. I had a job that I loved, though the hours and pay weren't very good, a nice apartment, that was just barely within my budget, and a great school with friends. I just couldn't afford it all, and I wasn't willing to give up or ask my friends for that kind of help.
Unfortunately the alternative I chose was way dangerous, both for my health and future. I had to get out of this. My friend had mentioned that her work was hiring, and I know her job pays well with great hours. But that would have to wait until she wasn't drunk.
“I have to go, I have some things to do before tomorrow's test. I'll see you then,” I explained as I stood.
“Ok, I'll see you then,” she slurred as I walked towards the door. I looked back at her one last time, her ride would be coming to pick her up shortly I had already made sure of that. I gave her one last sad smile and headed to my apartment to get ready for my less than moral job.