Day 40, Radio

Its been days since we last heard from anyone, this world is so fragile now and communication is vital for our survival. We sit around the radio, just hoping for something so we can return to base. We are one of the last groups of surviving humans and our numbers continue to dwindle. This radio is our only source of information and direction and it nothing has come over it for almost a week. We have plenty of supplies since we found a massive warehouse on this expedition but we don't know if it is safe to return home. Some of us have become frantic with anticipation and had to be locked away for the safety of the group but the few of us who have remained sane are beginning to lose our patience too.
Once the disease began to take hold and started making people go rabid, radios have been our only true hope for survival. They let us know what is happening in the other settlements and within our own. But now we are stuck in this outpost with what seems like a dead radio. After the first couple days without communication, our tech started working on it but with limited supplies it has been a long, hard process that no one truly believes will even work. He said it would be done today but the sun is falling fast and nothing has yet been said on completion.
It was late at night when we were all called into the main chamber of the outpost. The tech was standing in the middle of the room, a small smudge on his cheek and a huge grin on his face. He was finally able to find the problem and fix it. We sat again in anticipation as he turned it on and tuned it to the signal of our home base. We heard the crackle and pop as we connect and the tired voice of the girl on the other end.
“Delta team reporting in. The mission has been successful, supplies have been found.” said the leader in a calm but happy voice.
“Thank you for reporting in, we were beginning to get worried back here at home,” came the cheery voice of the female on the other end.
“The radio has been out of commission all week but our wonderful technician is an utter genius,” laughed the leader patting the tech on the back.