Day 33, Rules

Rules are meant to be broken. This is how so many people feel when they are young, and at times it can be true. There are times when rules need to be broken, for not only one person's selfish benefit but also for the rule maker and those around them. But then there are rules that should never, ever be broken. Rules are meant to keep us safe from all kinds of harm, physical and emotional, and a lot of the time we don't understand them. Some of us feel safer just following the rules and never crossing the line. There are also those who love to live on the other side of the line and never listen. Neither of these are the best ideas. They both have flaws, some more obvious than others. I try to be a third kind, the kind that stays right next to the line and use my brain to know when that line should be crossed and when it shouldn't be. I am not okay sitting back and following rules I don't agree with. I don't just jump that line though and break the rules, I try to think why that rule is there first. If I can't find the reasoning or I don't agree I break the rules, and either reap the benefits or receive the consequence.