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Journal- January 25th

Four years. I can't believe it's already been so long.
Last time I wrote in here, Gaia was under attack from that weird black fog. Well, if you're reading this, then it should be pretty obvious that we defeated it and it's creator. It was a tough battle, that was for sure. Doubt had filled the group. Even me, the ever optimistic human of our rag tag team. But we did it. We saved the world of Gaia from it's attacker, though no one but us remembers it or knows of our trials and victory. I'm okay with that. I don't mind being a silent protector of the people of this world.

A lot has changed since then. We departed from Wolf, who went on his way. I hear from other travelers that he is a feared Bounty Hunter now. We lost someone else in our group, but this loss was not a simple parting of ways like Wolf's. Demon, in the heat of battle, has passed away. A year after defeating the fog, we had found out that Vix, the vampire that had slaughtered Akari's entire Kingdom and tried to take her life and mine had been resurrected. Of course we went right into battle, ready to take him on. But we underestimated him and that cost us dearly. As we fought, he was about to strike down Akari. Protecting his love, Demon threw himself in the way. In a last ditch effort to defeat him, the injured man sacrificed himself and used his life energy to seal the vampire, killing himself in the process. Though magic is strong in the land of Gaia, there is no way to bring him back.

We all mourned the loss of our friend. Akari did the most. She hasn't been the same since. She has gotten better, though. Upon my last visit with her, it seemed the spark in her eyes were returning. However, she has made it clear that she won't be falling in love again with another man for a long time. Her heart still has some more healing to do.

As for the last member of our group, Kazuya, well... All I have to say is that the young man confuses me greatly. First he tells me he has fallen in love with me, then when everyone has to part ways, I never hear from him. I guess I should back track with this one. During our ordeal with the black fog, Akari and Demon were separated from Kazuya, Mina, and myself. It took several days for us to find each other. As the three of us were alone, I had noticed Kazuya acting strangely and finally, when Mina was asleep and the young Guardian and I were alone by our camp fire, Kazuya took the moment to confess his feelings to me and steal a kiss from my lips. Though I was confused with my feelings at the time, after Demon's death, I came to the realization that I felt the same way. But the Queen of Finelle, the world of the Guardian's, called upon him to become a protector once more. Being a loyal servant to her, he obeyed and left for his new mission. I haven't heard from him since. Which, to be honest, annoys me. Whenever I run into him next, he better have a good explanation.

Then there's me. Mina and I are still traveling around. Gaia has been rather peaceful since Demon's sacrifice to seal Vix. We are currently touring the far country sides of Gaia near my old home, Kitsune Village. According to a peddler, there is a rare treasure on a far off land, miles and miles away from Gambino Isle. Being who I am, how could I resist the challenge? So now here we are, Mina and I, making our way towards Port of Gambino to set sail for this land. Our bags are filled with food and the essentials to survive on both land and sea. What could possibly go wrong?


Author's Note:

I'm back! What's up? Did you miss me friends?

Ok, if you are not on my friends list and am reading this, welcome! Feel free to read previous Journals. Some sections are covered in other user's Journals, but I am not sure if-
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