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Journal- January 26th

Isle De Gambino! It seems like forever since I had been here last. Mina and I are making a pit-stop here before we head towards that island. We hit the port late last night and arrived here early this morning. Mina says that we should stay her for the day and spend the night in one of the hotels to get some proper rest before the big day. She's right, I know she is, I just get a little fidgety having to wait to start hunting. But I'll listen to her advise. She is the wise three hundred old guardian after all.

Our first stop here in the island is the marketplace to restock on supplies. Though we have brought with us plenty of food for a few days, we have no clue how long we'll be at sea. From the outside of the building, you wouldn't expect the Marketplace to be rather small. Yet when you walk inside, the amount of space is quite overwhelming! There are times when I come in that I wonder if I'll ever reach the exit on the other side. There must be some sort of spell on the building. I wouldn't be surprised to be honest. Everyone is so friendly, with the exception of maybe five or six venders. The children running around love Mina. They always do. All the boys and girls ask if they can pet her and feel her soft velvety fur. Upon our first visit here years ago, Mina wouldn't allow it. She, however, gave in after the twentieth child asked and from then on, loved it. The kids are always gentle when the stroke her fur.

After buying another bag and filling it and the others to the brim with food and supplies, we are off to the docks to buy a boat to sail tomorrow. There aren't many for sale at a low price, but we find one soon enough. Tying it to the docks on the north side of the Isle, behind Gold Mountain, we head inside for a nice hot meal and rest. Tomorrow is a big day and I want enough energy to get through it.