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Journal- February 7th

After almost a week here, I have finally found intelligent life. Though I wasn't expecting it to be who I found. The days were filled with the same routine, wake up, eat, hunt, watch for a possible rescue, wash in the river, look for any sign of Mina, eat, and sleep. Nothing really strayed to far from that. It doesn't seem like anyone in Gaia goes past Ilse De Gambino. This is rather unfortunate for me. My thoughts are always thinking of either catching my hunt, what happened to Mina, or getting off this damn island.

As you can imagine, with that, there wasn't much to write about. I have doodled her and there on previous pages to get my mind off things and try to relax. I know being uptight and stressed out won't help me in the least bit. I have to stay calm, cool and collected. Only letting go to extreme emotions when needed.

As the days passed, I began to explore the island more little by little. Though I am shipwrecked, I found that the Island I ended up on is indeed our intended destination. How ironic, huh? That I would be stranded on an island I was intending to go to, yet I haven't a desire to find this treasure as much as I had. But I still find it. Or at least, the area it supposedly in. I have not gotten to near it. I'm a bit angry at the person who guards it now. That's right, out of all the people that could have been charged to guard this damn treasure, it just had to be him. Kazuya.