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Journal- February 1st

Deep into the jungle I travel. The foliage thick with vines and branches. I have to climb over large roots and cut through the vines. This is the majority of my journey for the day. After some time, I find a place to sit and look through my food bag. On top was a large shirt I had stuffed in it on top. Underneath that, I discovered that most of the food left in it is salvageable, but it looks like a good amount that was in it before the storm was lost at sea. "This should last me a day or two." I mumble to myself. I'd just have to hunt for food. But first, I need to find shelter.

It's time to go even farther in. I keep my guard up. This is a new place and without Mina by my side, my only weapon for protection is a machete and a few arrows. I'll go back to shore later to see if my bow washes up. I begin to wonder about things as I walk. Where was Mina? Was she alive? How long would I be here on this island? Where was this place anyways? And would anyone notice my disappearance anytime soon. So many questions, but no answers. As my mind wanders around, much like myself, I come across a cave. From the looks of it, a large animal could den here in the winter months, but it has been long abandoned now. The bear tracks inside are old and almost non-existent. This was a perfect place to stay while here and if done up right, I'd be able to keep wild animals away from it.

I immediately get to work, finding firewood and making camp.