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BAM!!! Argus was kicked in his side. As he turned, I saw his attacker. Kazuya was in a fighting stance. Argus wobbled toward him and seemed very angry. The next few minutes, Argus and Kazuya fought. But, of course, Argus was no match for Kazuya. By the end of the fight, Argus was flying onto the roof behind me.
I fell to my knees and continued to shake.
Kazuya bent down and helped me up. "Are you okay?" He asked. My eyes started to tear up. I sobbed into his chest. I was so frightened. I was almost beatened in this dark ally. And who know what else he would have done to me.
All of a sudden, I felt Kazuya's arms wrap around me. I looked up and he gave me a gentel smile.
"It's ok," he cooed. "Go ahead and cry." My heart started to beat faster. I pressed my face against his chest. He rubbed my back to claim me down. And I didn't know why, but I wanted to stay in his arms forever.