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I couldn't find them. I walked down a dark ally way. I was completely alone. Or so I thought.
As I continued down the ally, I heard footsteps from behind me. "A-akari," I called out, "Is that you?" The footsteps stopped and a wicked laugh came from behind.
"Sorry beb, not Akari here." Said teh voice. I turned around and saw Argus, a wicked smile was across his face.
I ran away from him. And it was obvious that he was following me. The chase continued untill we came to a dead ead. I turned and watched as he came closer. I backed away until I hit the wall behind me. He stood in front of me with his hands on the wall. I could smell very strong alcohol on his breath. He was clearly drunk. This was bad. VERY bad.
"Why were you so mean Sagi," he said, slurring his words, " And after I was so nice to tells you about the misty." I shook in fear of what he was going to do. You see, when Argus is sober, he's a total push over, but when drunk.... well let's just say making him angry is not a good idea.
"Mean girls deserve to be punished." he said. Argus lifted his hand to hit me. I wait for the impact.