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The new life
Yashiro is a lonely man who wanders the world playing his guitar. Ever since he has memory, Yashiro only remember playing his guitar in local places, and getting in a brawl once in awhile. Getting tired of his hometown, Yashiro grabbed his things and began to travel around the globe. Traveled to France and made a concert in a mall, a young woman named Shermie saw him playing the guitar and loved how he rolled his fingers through the strings, but Shermie just could not explain why she felt something else attracting her to him, then she soon joined him. After the fabulous performance, and the roar of the crowd, Yashiro offered Shermie to join him and form a music band. He introduced himself as Yashiro Nanakase, and Shermie was pleased. In Sweden, Yashiro encountered a boy named Chris, and immediately presumed his skills on the drums. Yashiro was reluctant, but something beyond mere recognition was attracting him to that kid. Yashiro sent Chris to a casting for the band, and he passed very well, and was very friendly with Yashiro. Thus began the musical career of the music band, lead by Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris. and thousands of fans claim them. Yashiro felt alive, and sometimes even feels the souls of the crowd. But Yashiro also felt a sort of special bond between him and his two partners, more like a family. Something beyond life and death...
Yashiro was excited when he was invited to play at a big performance in Japan as the lead stars in a show biz world. Yashiro rehearsed hard to be as good as ever, and Shermie and Chris were a bit tired out because of this. The big day arrived, and a roaring crowd arrived at the scene, a number which Yashiro had never seen. His fingers were trembling with excitement, but was left out cold when the manager told them they have to wait their turn. Yashiro furiously demanded an explanation, and the manager told them a new band has appeared recently and has gained a large number of fans. Yashiro walked with rage towards front stage. He then saw a red-haired man at stage, driving the crowd wild. Yashiro left, anger flowing in his eyes, and cursed the man with the red-hair. Yashiro was impatient and they left the place, but he also seemed to feel something in that man's soul that made him feel so familiar...the same feeling he sensed with Shermie and Chris as well. They went home upset at what happened, but Yashiro was more than that. Chris sat next to him.
Chris: Man...We were about to hit the stage as the leaders..
Yashiro: Forget about it!
Chris: But why not wait?
Yashiro: What's the meaning of saying that we'll be the band leaders and we end up being the second?! Just because of that new band!
Chris: ...Maybe we'll go back as the first.
Yashiro: I said forget about it!
Angrily, Yashiro stood up and went to the bedroom, and slammed the door behind, then Shermie sat next to Chris.
Shermie: He's just mad at that man.
Chris: I just wanted to let him calm down...
Shermie: It won't work, since we got that chance, and it disappeared in a sudden.
Chris sighed and lowered his head, and about to sleep from being tired. Then Shermie shook him to wake up, and went to the bedroom. Found Yashiro half asleep, and they silently lied on the bed. Few days have passed, and Yashiro still remained in his condition, still thinking about taking a revenge on the red haired man, then left Chris and Shermie and stayed inside a cafe, made his friends wonder where he went. Then they looked around the place and found him inside the cafe and entered, taking a seat next to him.
Shermie: You can't be like that the whole year.
Yashiro: You can handle it, but it's unfair!
Chris: What's the reason for-...
Yashiro: It's reasonable already!
Chris: ...I didn't even say what I was about to say...
Shermie grabbed Chris from behind and went out from the cafe.
Shermie: Let him stay alone, he might calm down.
Chris stayed quiet and walked with Shermie back home.

To be continued

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