The beginning!

    I woke up dizzy trying to figure out where I was. I heard familiar voices call my name. “Elizabeth! Ely! Wake up! Oh my god, wake up Ely!” I finally opened my eyes and I saw my friends Tia and Tamera. “I’m alright.” I murmured. “Thank god!” They both said. I saw my other friend Ashley. She had just walked upstairs. Ashley is a very strong girl. She could destroy a 15 story building and not break a sweat if she wanted. “It’s about time ya woke up Ely...you worried me sick!” She sat down in front of the TV and got back to playing her video game. “Why am I in bed?! Why am I hurt?!” I screamed. Ashley snarled at me. It was the fiercest snarl I had ever heard! “I can’t concentrate! Pipe down will ya?!” Ashley screamed. I pouted in the bed still waiting for my answer. Ashtyn, my friend who could summon darkness, but was a fairly nice person, checked my heart rate on the monitor. “Yep, the heart stopped” she said. “Ashley quit bothering her!” I saw Ashley snarl at Ashtyn and got back to playing Sonic Unleashed. “Final level!” she screamed. “AW YEA!” Tia and Tamera went to watch her kick butt.
    My friend Caitlin was busy drawing of course. If she had a choice, she would take her sketches to her grave! “Ely, we need to talk to ya…..” they all said at the same time. Ashley turned off the TV, and Caitlin reluctantly put down her sketch pad. “Where’s Vanessa? I asked. She flashed up the stairs before I even finished the sentence! “I knew that you were going to call me up here, so I decided to be early. Vanessa is telepathic and could move objects of any kind with her mind. “Can I have my answers now?” I asked. “What were the questions?” Caitlin asked and laughed her quiet laugh. I gave her the 'shut up and sit down' look. When she sat finally down, Tia and Tamera put her on watch, just in case she tried to go downstairs and sneak a cookie. “You...”Ashtyn trailed off. “You became a vampire last night.” Ashley continued. “SAY WHAT?!” i screamed in shock. Vanessa put the smart-aleck look on her face. “You…became a vampire...last night…in the demonic arena....because a demonic vampire bit you! Did you understand that?” I snarled at her, but she wasn’t afraid.
    “Now, we just gotta teach you the powers that you can use!” Tia said. “Yeah, you just wait,” Tamera said, “you’ll be amazed!” “But I’m injured!” I shrieked.” “Get your lazy self up and take a look at yourself!” Ashley demanded. I got out the bed and saw there wasn’t a scratch on me! “Oh my god….” I whispered. “See? It’s just that simple!” Ashley said with a chuckle. “Grrrrrr….” Was all I could say. Later that night, we all went to the immortal world, so they could show me where I would get enrolled for school and all that. When we got to the school, everyone stepped back away from us. Ashley and Ashtyn were walking in the front of us, and Vanessa, Tia, and Tamera were behind them. Caitlin fell back as usual. “You see,” Ashtyn began. “We rule this school.”
    “Everyone listens to us and does what we say.” Tia continued. “Where are Caitlin and Ashley?” I asked. “They’re probably bullying some freshman.” Tia said. I turned around and Tia was right. They were picking on some other girl about five inches shorter than us! “Ashley, Caitlin!” I screamed. “Leave her alone!” I ran over to them pushed them out of the way, and talked to the girl. “Hi, are you okay?” I asked. “Go away! You’ll hurt me like them!” she screamed, sounding terrified. I scowled at Ashley and Caitlin, and they just turned around and whistled. “Listen, I’m the good friend,” I explained. “I don’t hurt anybody unless it’s absolutely necessary ok?” She nodded and I let her go back to class. “What is wrong with you guys?!” I screamed at all of them. “You just can’t go attacking random people.” “Uh….”They all trailed off. “We’re gonna be late!” They rushed, and pushed me down the hallway while they ran to math.
    At lunch, we all sat at a table and ate the delicious pizza. “Hey Ely!” Ashley called to me. “So what do you think of your….Ely?” I was busy staring at the cutest guy I had ever seen! He had soft reddish-colored eyes. Similar to my brown eyes, he had nicely cut brown hair, and he was tall, graceful, and swift. I stared at him for a long minute. He looked like an angel! He even stared back at me and smiled. I almost fainted, but then I noticed my pizza was falling out of my hand! “Ahhh!” I screamed, not wanting to move. Ashley saved my brightly colored blue shirt from becoming a messy rag. “Phew... man that was close…” she whispered, looking shocked at the fact that she caught it. Caitlin and the others clapped. “Ash, you’re the best!” I said. “Thanks, I know.” She replied. I could hear the cockiness in her tone.
    The rest of the day went by smoothly, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that angel guy. When we went back through the portal to the human world, and went back home, I was weirdly confused. “How did you guys become rulers of the school?” I heard them all chuckle. “Some things….” Tia trailed off. “Are better left unsaid!” Tamera laughed as she finished the sentence. We all laughed, and as we entered our house my head was buzzing with thoughts. Being immortal won’t be half bad. I thought. The most important thing I knew, though, was that my life had taken a terrifying turn…My new life had begun…