• Darkness shrouds, evil clouds
    and follows the man
    who walks past Araby

    On he walks, while Demon stalks
    but notice he not,
    as he walked past Araby.

    A Demon here?! The End War is near!
    Go Star, Go! Use wit, sink fear
    and save the man who walks past Araby!

    Matthew does land, Mariah does Stand,
    Down follows Jenna, and so Isaiagh does command.
    Though fear they feel, give him a hand.
    Protect the man who walks past Araby.

    Soul weaspons shown, enemy known

    Demons Come Fight! I Fill darkness with light!

    Hunter/Angels are done, this battle is won.

    The Star returns, and this lone man learns
    Angels exist! (but this world will burn)
    Grumbles the man who walked past Araby.