• Chapter 2 Introduction

    Leo is the middle child (so to speak) of the eldest and most powerful vampire family among his kind. Leonardo Ricardo Malachi, the 7th child of the Malachi family, and quite possibly one of the most deadly. Despite his youth like appearance, Leo was not a force to be reckoned with. With the unique ability to make any creatures blood boil from within their own skin Leo seldom has problems with the other races. The only person Leo had to fear was the omegas. Which is why walking down this corridor to the Hall of the omegas, he wondered what he had done to piss them off... this time. While they felt his gifts were to valuable to be destroyed, when he got out of line they didn't see anything against tourturing him to the very brink of death. He wasn't afraid of them but he was in no mood to be their entertainment this evening either. Finally reaching the end of the hallway he pushes open the gold trimmed great oak doors and sighs heavily as he looks in the faces of the gods and goddess of the retched world.

    Apollo: Ah, Mr. Malachi how nice of you to finally join us.
    Leo: (rolls eyes) Speak for yourself Apollo. Then only reason you say it's nice is because you always seem to enjoy the show.
    Persephone: Tsk tsk. (waving her taloned fingers at him) Now now child you will do well to bite your tounge seeing as we called you here to ask for your services not punish you. However if you don't mind you manners I am sure we can punish you as well.
    Leo straightened up in his chair.
    Leo: Services..... (shaking his head) My my, this won't end well... May I ask what services you require of me?
    Artemis: Boy do I love a man who gets to the point....
    Persephone scowled at the goddess.
    Persephone: Only you would be hot after a lifeless blood sack.
    Artemis stuck her tongue out at Persephone who in turn flipped the pixie faced goddess of.
    Apollo: ENOUGH! We have business to attend to. Leo my lad. Do you know anything about the Life giver and the bringer of death?
    Raisisng his eyebrow ever so slightly Leo tried is best not to laugh at the golden haired god.
    Leo: You mean like the stork and the grim reaper?
    Apollo: With the ability you possess I forget that you were once human. The grim reaper and the stork? My friend I thought you father would have taught you better than that. Those are human given names.... So in way yes that is what I mean... What do you know of the beings?
    Leo: Well Father says out of foolishness, your superiors combined powers with our superiors, as a test or an act of boredom... father isn't really sure, But you made a life energy and sculpted it into an image of our kind merged with your kind. Our superior gave it a lust for blood with everlasting life, your kind gave it the ability to create life. He was told to be the most beautiful being to exist. As well as the most powerful. So you gave him the task of creating a world with the beings you gave him the ability to create. So being the good little servant he was he did as he was told. He started creating thousands of these beings, and the beings themselves mated. Soon the new world you had made for the beings became over populated. The beings themselves had begun to wage war among themselves, over controversies of why they were or how they came about. So your being grew weary of their wars and the blood spill and came to you for help. So you created another being a like him yet very different. You gave her the ability to take the lives of the humans that the man had given them. You also combined their life forces so that if one dies so does the other. They were life mates as well. For centuries there was order in this world, until one day a human as they called the created beings, came across a vampire. The foolish Vampire fell in love with the human girl. He revealed his true self to her thinking that he was the greater specimen, as did many of our kind and your kind as well. When he let the human see his true self, she begged of him to make him one of his kind. Not knowing if it was even possible, the vampire came to you Apollo. He asked if it were possible for his lover to spend eternity with him. Out of foolishness you gave him the ability to turn his lover into one of his own. So he did. However though turning the human he had given her the ability to see everything as it was. She was a Vampire the with the heart of the humans. When she realized that another being existed other than vampires, she grew curious. She began to study the beings of life and death. The givers so to speak. After centuries of watching the giver of death, she grew mad, for she still had the frame of mind of her human life. She grew weary of watching the ones she loved... brothers sisters her mother and father, he nieces and nephews, or whatever you may. She watched one after on die by the being that brought them about. She felt that if they gave them life that they had no right to take it from them. So she attacked the winged creatures. The creatures being the superior beings they were couldn't not be so much as scratched by another being. However when the Vampire human hybrid attacked them she left a big gaping wound in her chest with powers she was unaware she possessed, powers they are all unaware they possess. Powers that could kill the Life giver and the death giver. Powers that the gods felt should be tested farther. So you sacrificed one of you own, put them up to the humans test. When you saw the human destroy you brother Styx, you felt that the humans needed to be destroyed. Yet you didn't have any other way to do that... that to once again combine forces with our kind in attempts to destroy the beings that had created them. Then the woman looked at you with wide eyes and you sparred her, and he life giving mate. Then they joined our forces and we destroyed the Vampire human hybrid. After the incident the life giver and the death giver were asked to kill all their children, to stand beside all of us and erase the humans from existence, when they refused you tried to destroy them but you couldn't. They refused to destroy their children and you could not destroy them. Because of this we are at war. I guess my father taught me more than you assumed did he not Apollo?
    Apollo: Indeed he did.
    Leo: So what does all this have to do with my presence in you hall today?
    Apollo: As you said we are at war. We need you abilities to serve in our army.
    Leo: And how will my suicide help with this cause?
    Apollo: We are going to use your blood my blood and the blood the vampire human hybrid drew out of the body of the Death bringer all those years ago (he raises a vile of violet liquid and presents it to the audience),as well as my blood, and the hybrids blood.... and with this we are going to create another being, hopefully with the ability to kill the giver and the bringer, taking the humans with them.
    Leo: tsk tsk. My dear Apollo haven't you learned you lessons with creating things? This being would be more powerful than any being that already exist. So in other words if you were to piss it off then it could seriously screw up your entire day... do you really want to make that mistake?
    Apollo: You see, that's where you wrong. I will raise this being to believe itself to be a god. Thus making it unable to betray me and my kind. First it will take out the giver and the bringer, with the giver and the bringers death, not only will the humans die out, so will the newly created being. Once it's duty is fulfilled, it dies.
    Leo: So you are going to suckle it and device it just to let it die? What kind of sadistic b*****d are you?
    Apollo: That matters not. All that matters is that your kind as well as my kind are rid of the human. Either you give you blood to us willingly, or we will take it from you.