• Lilliana
    Archer I summon you!
    The words screamed through my head and my eyes snapped open.
    In front of me stood a tall boy with hair as black as midnight and eyes like sparkling blue sapphires.
    I slid down onto one knee and bowed my head, “Master, you summoned me?”
    “I did, but aren’t you supposed to have a partner?”
    “Yes, she is protecting another; I will stay to protect you but I will do it alone,”
    “Archer, this monster is troubling me; please dispose of him.”
    I stood and turned to see a monster that looked human apart from the crimson that tinged his eyes. I drew Nakir from the sheath on my back. The monster jumped forward with a feral snarl. Calmly I lifted my sword and sliced the hands off his outstretched arms. Nakir cut through the bone, muscle and flesh as if it were nothing but soft butter.
    Less than a minute had passed and the monster was in chunks at my feet.
    “Thank you Archer, but I have one more request,”
    “Yes Master?”
    “Would you begin school with me?” He asked with a grin.

    Two days after the fight with the monster, Claire, Daniel, Master and I were walking up the long driveway toward the school.
    The school was big and old; many of the teenagers either inhabited the huge luscious green fields or the roof.

    As we passed through the front gates of the school it instantly became harder to breathe, I looked over at Lilli and it seemed like she was having the same problem, but when I looked at Daniel and Lilli’s master they were breathing normally.
    It felt as if a hand had clasped around my neck and was trying to strangle me.
    Invisible beings will try to kill you in the human world, so be careful Claire.
    Sensei’s voice echoed through my head and I grabbed the dagger from my pocket and sliced through the hand.
    “We are here to protect not to kill, let us be.” Lilli stated.
    I felt the presence of the being back away and we could breathe easily for now.
    Master and Daniel spun around and stared at us.
    “Archer, are you okay? What happened?” Master asked Lilli frantically.
    “Nothing,” She lied.
    We walked further onto the school grounds when I heard what a gang of boys were saying.

    “New kids,” Bryce announced.
    “Those new chicks look damn fine!”
    “You just want to suck their blood Ty,”
    “No way, I’m liking the brunette in a completely non vampire way.”
    “Well I like the blonde she looks more like my type,” I said as I sat up to get a better look.
    “Is it three girls or two girls?”
    There are only two girls.
    “That thing with the long black hair looks like a chick though.”
    They all nodded in agreement.

    “Disgusting,” I hissed when I zoned out of their conversation.
    I saw Lilli’s head bob once in agreement.
    As soon as we had taken our first step into the schools main building a small woman ran up to us. Her hair was black with colourful patches and she had multiple facial and ear piercings.
    “Hi, I’m Miss Stokes but you can call me Tracey, Mr Cooke sent me to take you girls to your room!” She said with way too much enthusiasm.
    I pulled a fake smile and followed her.
    “Master, I must stay with you at all times! Why can I not stay in the same room I do not understand!” Lilli protested.
    “Archer, you must stay in a different room here because it is the rules for you are female and I am not,”
    “But I am a protector before I am a woman!”
    “Enough!” He hissed at her.
    I saw her flinch at the authority in his voice.
    “You will obey the rules of this school, even if it means that you are not close to me every minute of the day,”
    She solemnly nodded then turned around and hurried up to me.

    That night when we were all slowly falling asleep all I could think about was Danny and if he was okay. I couldn’t sleep at all so I got up stood at Zara’s bed, when I tapped her on the shoulder she woke up instantly.

    “What is it Claire?” I asked, my voice was drowsy with sleep.
    “I can’t sleep,”
    I pulled down the covers and she crawled into the massive bed when she was still I wrapped my arm around her protectively as if we were small children.
    In the morning I woke up at 3:00 am and began to draw a bath.
    As the hot steam swirled around the bathroom I folded my clothes and sat them next to the sink.
    The bath was a tiled rectangular hole in the middle of the bathroom, it was probably two metres deep and was about that in perimeter too. The hot water relaxed my muscles and calmed my pulse which had been beating frantically since Master had yelled at me.
    I folded my arms on the edge of the bath and rested my forehead on them.
    Their was a small knock followed by Claire’s voice.
    “Lilli? Can you hurry we have school soon,”
    “Sure, sorry I fell asleep,” I pulled myself out of the bath and wrapped myself in a huge white towel.