• I was panting hard, blood running down my leg. The roots of the trees were tripping me every so often, but I kept going all the way. Forever never to stop. I could hear their growls and pants following me closely ready to spring on their pray. I was their pray. My ankle was now coated with blood, from my leg but I still could not stop. I could hear their dark whispered voices dragging my mind to them. "Come to us," They begged. They would feast on me soon enough,
    I couldn't go on forever. My blood started flowing again, making them even more hungry. I tripped, landing on my stomach. They jumped, ready to eat. I disappeared into blackness. Was I dead? I would never know, because I would never wake up. I would stay eternally like this. Afraid to open my eyes, to the beasts. Then, another voice called to me. A sweet melodic voice, saying my name. I opened my eyes to see. All the beasts were gone, and a boy stood over me. "Who are you?" I asked him, "I am a spirt. Here to grant you your second life. But in return, you must give me your soul." "It's a deal." And I plunged into darkness once more. My soul, for my life. I would always be alive, but my spirit would never be fre