• "Oh, come on." A young man kicked a large well that seemed to give up no water. The kid wore farm clothing, complete with a straw hat and overalls. Wiping some sweat from his brow, he pumped the well as fast as he could, but no liquid came out. "Goddamnit." He dropped his bucket and sat down on the long horizontal fence bordering the farmlands. He noticed someone walking down the dusty road. The teen seemed to be whistling, and he was garbed in strange attire. A kiseru stuck out of his mouth.

    The boy watched with awe as he walked by. Suddenly, he stopped, his knees buckling. "Damn, no water for miles." He seemed to be muttering. "Oh, uh, do you, um, need-" the boy started. "I need something to drink, kid." The stranger replied. The farmboy rushed to the well and pumped. And pumped. And pumped. Nothing, not even a drip, came out.

    From the distance, the stranger watched with interest. His lips curled into a smirk as he walked over, taking his time to see the vast meadows of freshly plowed farmland. "Need help?" He asked the struggling boy. "Yes..um.."

    "Threat. Call me Threat." the stranger replied. Threat reached into his cape, which was a strange black armor like thing that covered his arm, and pulled out a brown ball.

    "Come on out, you little b*****d." Threat seethed at the spherical object. The thing unrolled to form a armadillo. "Woaah." The kid said in shock. "Are pinballs invented yet?" Threat asked. "Pinball?" The farmboy replied. "No, then." Threat said, coaxing the creature into the pump that drew water from the well.

    The armadillo crawled it's way through the pipe and bit through a wall of gunk. For fun, Threat pumped the well. Water came crashing through, bringing out the bewildered creature with it. Laughing, Threat tucked the wet sphere into his cape-thing.