• Once upon a time there was a kid named Jake. Jake liked boats a lot. Every time he could he would go over to the docks and watch the boats come and go. He had at least 50 model boats in his room. He thought of boating as a peaceful trip across the sea, with the wind in your face, perfectly safe. Until one day.
    He had memorized all the names of the boats in the harbor and even wrote a list of them. They were all there. Right down to the row boat in the docks. But one day he noticed one of them, the Waterknife, had not come back. They said it had been looking for a lost island. No one knew any more about it, for the crew had decided to keep it a secret. He ran to his father and told him that the boat had not come back. “Yes son I know about the boat.” He said. “In fact, I was just about to go in search of the boat with some of my friends. Would you like to come along?” Jake was so surprised that his father would ask him to come on such a dangerous trip. He nodded quickly and ran off to put on his sailing clothes. He packed in his bag a toothbrush, a cell phone, a few gameboy games, and some ginger pills, in case he got seasick. When he had finished packing, he went to see his father and got on the boat.
    They set sail and got 3 miles before they sailed into a storm. The wind tore the sails and they had to abandon ship. But some of them were trapped on the ship and sunk into the deep blue. Jake, his father and a few others jumped into a dinghy. They rowed towards the nearest shore. They made a hut out of bamboo and palm.
    One day, when they were looking for wood to burn, Jake discovered a map. “This must be the map that the crew of the waterknife was using to find the lost island.” said Jake’s father. “Maybe if we follow it, we can find the crew.” Just then, a squirrel leapt up and grabbed the map. They chased the squirrel for 5 hours. They fashioned a bow out of bamboo and sharp rocks. Then they tracked the squirrel by following his tiny footprints. They found the squirrel in his burrow and shot an arrow down. They reached down and grabbed the squirrel and the map. They cooked the squirrel and started working on a boat made from the wood on the trees on the shore.
    It took them days surviving on coconut milk and bananas (and of course the squirrel) but they finally had made a sailboat. They all got on the boat and sailed home to rest up before the trip to the lost island. When they arrived they all went home and rested. The next morning Jake went up to him father and asked if he could go with him to the island. “No son.” Said my father. “It will be too dangerous. It could be worse than last time.” And then the crew set sail, leaving Jake behind. He was eager to see his father again. He had so many questions to ask him.
    Jake waited and waited. For a month he waited. Then a year. He decided that his father was never coming back. He told the dock official to send out a search party, but he denied him every time. He couldn’t just stay home and do nothing. He decided to look for himself. He thought of building his own ship, but he had no resources and his mother would see. Jake knew what he had to do. He had to take a ship. He selected his favorite ship and set sail.
    He stopped the ship when he was out of sight and checked the cargo hold for anything that might be of use to him. The only thing he found there that was useful was a gun. He stuffed it into his pocket and set sail again. He encountered a storm on the way and had to abandon ship. He used the raft to get to the nearest shore and rested for a day. He built some oars for the raft and set sail on his raft. He reached the lost island in a day.
    When Jake got on the island he felt a cold chill go up his spine. He watched in amazement as a transparent figure appeared in front of him. “Beware the Lich of Soul Corruption” it said, then disappeared. Just then a figure emerged from the bushes. It was carrying a spear and its mouth was stained with blood. Jake knew immediately it was a cannibal. He fired his gun. Nothing happened. Of course. How could he have been so stupid? He had forgotten to load it and he had no ammo. The only thing he could do was run. He hid in a bush not too far into the jungle. The cannibal did not see him.
    Jake ran as fast as he could into the heart of the jungle. He had not gone too far when he tripped on a vine. The vine seemed to wrap around his legs as if it were alive. He took his pocket knife and put a slit in the vine. The vine somehow released his leg and burrowed deep in the ground. He was getting up when he saw something shimmer in the air. It flew away and then he was all alone. When he looked forward, he saw a golden table appear in front of him. On that table was a gold dagger, with jewels imbedded in the golden handle. Jake took the dagger and put it in his bag. He may need it for something, he thought.
    Right when he took the dagger, the table vanished. He heard the sound of approaching footsteps. He ran as fast as he could before he was hit with a rock and knocked unconscious. He awoke hours later in a cage of strong wood. He was surrounded by cannibals. He thought it was all over when one of them started walking towards him. But suddenly there was the noise of shouting men. All of the cannibals ran towards the noise leaving him alone, trapped. He was thinking as fast as he could. He remembered the dagger in his bag. He sliced the cage open and ran.
    The village seemed to go on and on. Until he ran into a large tombstone. He touched it and immediately fell asleep. There was a voice coming from nowhere saying: “in the first millennium, the island mystic known as Baerne Sho'sakan, created this island with pure darkness. He lived here for many years, and the island grew each year. When people started arriving on his island, he used his magic to corrupt their souls, and transform them into cannibals. He could instruct them to do anything he wanted. He died after 200 years of life. But his soul remained. He could still command the cannibals. He made them build a tomb for him, and told them if they put all of his items into his grave that he would be gone. He cannibals did so, but Sho'sakan had a trick up his sleeve. He had hidden the dagger that he owned so that only one person could see it. If the dagger is plunged into the tomb, he will be gone, and all the spirits of the cannibals will return to men. You are the chosen one. You must end the curse of the island of lost souls.”
    And then Jake woke up, and was immediately put into a stronger cage by the cannibals. He remembered he had brought his game boy. He quickly put in wrestle mania and turned the volume on full. The sound the game boy was making was the sound of a crowd cheering. It sounded like shouting men. He threw the game boy as far as he could, and lucky for him it landed in a pile of leaves, cushioning its fall. The cannibals raced towards it, and lucky for him the sound of the Game Boy echoed against a rock wall, making it sound like it was deep in the heart of the jungle.
    Jake cut the cage once again and raced towards the tombstone. He took the dagger and with all his might plunged the dagger in the tomb. A strange light emitted from the tomb, and then it exploded, knocking Jake back. Before he had destroyed the tomb, the cannibals were on their way back. The shouts of the cannibals stopped and a large group of men appeared, one of them his father. He raced towards him and leaped into his arms. They shared each others stories on the way back home.