• I'm always afraid to speak.
    Everytime I do..
    I end up hurting you.

    I never really mean to,
    Or even want to.
    But it still happens.

    Everytime I talk with you,
    Or see you,
    I just want to blurt out I LOVE YOU!
    But it just never comes out,
    And i don't know why.

    Everytime I hurt you,
    You still stay by my side.
    Your always there for me,
    And i don't understand it.

    I really wish i could do the same for you.
    Everyday I wish I could protect you,
    And give you the love that you need,
    Be the boyfriend you want and love,
    The kind where every girl wishes to be you.

    I'm sorry for hurting you,
    And I'm sorry for everything bad and horrible I've ever done.
    I wish i could just tell you how i feel.
    I wish i could just gold you close and never let go.

    Why can't I just speak my mind?
    Why do I hide my true feelings?
    I want you to know how much you mean to me.
    I want you to know how much i love you.
    So I'm gonna say it...

    When i think of you,
    You never leave my mind.
    When I'm near you,
    My heart never stops racing.
    Everytime you talk to me,
    I get butterflies in my tummy.

    Your all I think about,
    From sun up to sun down.
    I would want nothing more than to be with you forever.
    I would always take each and every kiss,
    As if it were our last.

    Your have always meant everything to me,
    And you have always been my everything.
    Forever would I hold your heart close within mine,
    And i really hope you would too.
    I promise I would protect you with my life.

    If I were to ever die..
    The last thing I would want to see is your smile.
    And the last words I would want to hear from your lips,
    "I Love You."

    Even in the afterlife,
    I would watch over you,
    And make sure your alright.

    All these words,
    I swear to you it's true.
    It's your choice to believe me or not.
    But if I could ever say this to you in person,
    I would ...