• Choice upon no choice, darkness ever looming. Love has granted none to what has become

    of emotion. For what is love in a place of shadows? What is love if we cannot call it the whims
    of the rising falling waves?

    Love, my friend, is hidden away in the heart, but do no grant I call it to emotion, for that is to

    call a hand to touch but not to feel. No, love is a choice. A choice to care for another no matter the downfalls they place on us, a choice to cry when they cry, a choice to accept another's pain as your own, a choice to madly choose to be in love in joy.

    None can be left to exception, this is truth in the most basic of forms. But as this is my truth,

    nothing of me requires for another to agree. That is the beauty of choice, why choice has been given up to love and love a meaning of choice. We are led free by this choice yet we stand by and tell others that we are enslaved by its conspicuous bindings. I tell you, be shackled if you must, but remember that is by your own choosing. Binding are easily broken as long as one is willing, for much like love, they are choice.

    Do I confuse you my friend? That is not my intention, I only wish to purify this murky water, to

    cleanse away our own folly and darkness. Yet I cannot expect any to follow these blank words, I am but a man who thinks too deeply upon shallows depths. But so is it in my nature. I speak with only the truest of unsaid things, it is not my duty yet I feel called to save. Have I diverged from my original purpose? I am sorry, let me return.

    There is only one who I say can truly love, and that one is here and gone. In our purpose we

    cannot comprehend the in-comprehendible, but we do see and experience it every day, have you not felt it? A choice for an overwhelming love? A love that gives no other choice? That is where the final days will be met, either on one side or another. Now we are again left with choice, so I must ask one final question.

    When the time comes, where will we find ourselves, with or without love?