• I have nothing to complain about tonight.

    I looked myself up on the internet and saw a picture of me, along with my full name, my birthplace, my height in meters, and my birthday. There popped up a few pictures I have taken, and I also found a drawing of mine and other information. I was weirded out at first. Then I realized that the internet KNOWS me. Ask her (the internet) who I am, and she knows me well enough to answer you. This is a result of my time and love and affection that I have given to the internet over the years. It´s a comfort to know that even after my mother forgets about me, the internet will still remember.

    It´s all set in stone. All that I´ve ever written, the photos I´ve uploaded, the blogs I´ve posted. Reflections of different phases and facets of my paranoid looney life. My fears, my bragging, my dreams and aspirations, my pathetic calls for attention, my artwork, my singing. The internet knows me. Better than many of my friends do.

    That makes me a nerd. At times I make secret identities and code names on sites so that I can post what I really feel, seperating the ´who I am´ with the ´circumstances I am in´ and the ´physical characteristics of my location and nationality´.

    Be it known that the internet is my friend. An entity that has never failed me. One that I can always trust and rely on. No matter where in the world I am, she´s a comrade I can always rant to with tears running down the keyboard and the warmth of the CPU against my cheek.

    I love you Interweb! Thanks for being such a great friend! heart