• I try to reach into the fathoms of your unstable mind, groping at the endless darkness you call yourself. Imagining your true form, I can only guess what you are to become from the something that is lost in nothing. Where are you? Where am I? But more so, what are we? What is the us that we want to make important for the other? What is the us that we are to be?
    Do you know, do I know, the something we try to find is not there? We must gather it from the unstable cosmos of which is our world. We must triumph over the punishing challenges to see what really lies in the strong threshold that awaits our coming, in which we will glorify and bask in our belonging--our existence. We must let the tithings of reality settle in the cracks where dust lingers and forget to sweep it up so that we may enjoy the leisure time among the cinders of our fire before we are able to kindle in the fire.
    "But how?" we beseech each other with disappointed anguish in our eyes. We know not the answer for we cannot find what we are searching for. We need to know who we are before we can answer further questions. Who we are is what we are. What we are helps us to where we will be. Where we will be is when we get there. When we get there, we need to know why we came. Why we came is how we exist.