• Down from the dark, gray sky,
    Falls the tears of sadness.
    It's hard to believe that I ever came
    Across that lonely road

    'Cuz here we are together,
    Now and forever.
    It's destiny, it's meant to be,
    The bad is all in my past.

    I once was a poor, lost soul
    Trapped in a world of dark and despair
    Never to find my way out
    Of this horrible nightmare.

    But then you came along,
    Freed me like a bird
    Understood how I felt,
    Listened to my every word.
    Destiny pulls us together,
    You know it's true
    And as long as we're united,
    We will always shine through.

    And in this magical world,

    Though dark times still may come,

    We have a duty to do, a world to save,
    Leave all these nightmares behind and join me to save humankind,
    Keep plunging forward, never look back,
    All we've got to do is believe. ...
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