• Chapter 2

    "She's so awkward."

    "I know right! And her clothes are so hideous, that nobody would stand a chance to be next to her. Not even her man."

    "Not to mention that smile of hers. Ugh! She's so repellent!"

    I scrambled through the hallways while everybody was watching me. Today was the first day of high school, and it had been yet the worst day of my life. All around me, other high school students were either mocking me, or were so disgusted by my whole style from their point of views. Not only did I wear my ugly smile and a pink, girly backpack, but I also wore a similar T-shirt like the one I had blended in during the commercial, just that the color is bright pink with nothing on it. Great, now things are already getting upside down.

    Everything was a blur to me at my high school. Young teenagers crowded the hallways, hitting and shoving lockers along the way, holding their phones like no supervisors were completely watching them. There is at least one security guard, and he is located right near the school office, protecting the room with all his might. No wonder people are getting beaten up and the bullies are not getting in trouble with it. Thanks a lot, security guard.

    To me, finding my locker took me days. Or, possibly months, or even years, to go far beyond time and space. I finally reached the locker and, with people still glancing and gossiping about me, tried to figure out the three-numbered code. And, I forgot what that code is. I desperately tried the 3-Digit number I still had remembered, but the lock won't budge. Eventually, my mind gave up, and I heard girlish voices rise above my head.

    "Wow, she cannot even remember her own own number? What a freak!"

    "I know right! She sure is, and I am sure that she is new to this school."

    No duh, Sherlock Holmes. every 9th grade student is new to high school. But then again, I think she is talking about my whole life.

    I was getting tired, so I went to see my old friend. She is locate ...
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