• you where there
    when i was born
    want held me tight
    until the morn

    when i was young
    you wiped my tears
    in the cold night
    you wash away my fears

    but through the day
    i fell asleep
    you where not there

    you never where

    you didn't care less
    you couldn't care more

    its not that love
    was not in your heart
    you where not committed
    to play this part

    a lost love
    in the time
    of hate and pain

    you're not there

    sleeking through the night so fast
    killing victoms as they past

    you where gone in that time
    and this is why i say this rhyme

    even in the dead of night
    when we all fought to stay alive

    you where gone
    so save my fear
    be my dad
    and please be here ...
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