• Well...I'm not 17...I'm 16. And I'm still in highschool...10th grade to be exsact. But I thought I'd share this story =3
    So it's the first day of school and the bell rings. My friend Hannah meets meh in the hall way and said, "I don't know where any of my classes are! And I have to go to the bathroom. Come with meh..." So of course I said yes, and she literitly drug meh into the bathroom. Well the sinks were on a wall that hid the stales ((Does that make sence?)) Well, I decide to fix my hair, and she goes around the wall. After a few seconds later I hear, "Um...this is the guys bathroom," and she comes running out from behind the wall, blushing like hell. Then this senior comes and just stares at us. We both ran out of there so fast! There was a bunch of kids waiting outside the bathroom. They were all laughing at us. It was great! =3
    I was so embarrassed.
    Some first day