• The devil said:
    "To the sinners and the saints
    I welcome you all the same
    Now illustrate for me, if you would be so kind
    The frame of mind and heart alike.

    That thing that makes you fight your brother,
    Then claim to love one another,
    That mysterious thing I cannot witness,
    No matter how my perspective is shifted,

    My god, how you are twisted,
    To be able to act such ways and not even realize it,
    While buried knee-deep in your own spit,
    Your oblivious nature make me resistant,

    So I shall torture you,
    From up on my throne,
    Wishing to be one of thou,
    Instead of the demon you see,
    But I will carry on because of the infallibility of my home,

    I am the epitome of envy, lust, gluttony, pride, greed and wrath,
    Only six of the seven sins, The seventh captured perfectly by God,
    As you witness from his noticeable absence from your world since the beginning,
    So enjoy my company, as it's all you'll have for all of eternity."