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Where Is My Mind? (It's on this)
Yep. My Journal. On gaia. About my ways and such.- []-
I Need _____ In My Life
I'm a lot more tired lately.
I usually sleep a lot, but now, it's even more so.
I used to force myself to stay awake just to finish homework, but even the, I came up short. I think I failed a class. So ashamed..I really care about college, but my heads not screwed on tight enough now.
I'm on a break, and I'll try to do stuff. Since I never do anything. I think people think I'm boring because of that. Maybe my friends think that too. Even though I barely see them. I'm probably not good enough, or I guess fun enough. Some of them have told me, "I'm here if you need me." or "You can tell me anything.", but I still feel like I shouldn't. It's not that I don't trust them. I trust my friends, even when they hide things from me. And that's natural.
I'm not really hiding anything.
So, what can I say?
What's new?
I finished Y:The Last Man, which is one of the greatest comics I've read so far. Now I'm on to finish the other comics I started.
My future cartoon show is doing well, in its brainstorming stage. But it'll be a while before I can even pitch it..a long while.
I haven't been eating much, then again, I don't have much of an appetite.
I keep getting sick, like the nauseous type of sick.
My writing sucks recently. Taking a break.
I guess you can say, I've been pretty sad. Sad about a lot of things. Once something clears up, something new happens. Once a weight lifts, someone places a heavier boulder on my shoulder.
I have a bike, I have yet to ride it.
I have a tablet, but its not like I'm creating masterpieces. I'm pretty new at it.
My temper is on and off. Currently on.
My nails are breaking, even though I tried so hard to keep it long.
I miss my friends, like always.
I met new people, who cared more about themselves, or getting laid. Which annoyed the hell out of me...being asked for stuff like that. I'm unforgiving when I need to be, though.
I can't make any new friends. I have better luck with the homeless people I meet and random strangers, who seem to enjoy my kindness.
I can't meet anyone..I haven't met anyone..
I'm pretty bummed out, all the time...

But I'm not saying anything. Except, on this journal. Cause I don't know you. And you only know a little bit about me.
The reason I don't tell anyone, like my friends or the only friend I ever see (whose my best friend), Emily, is because I put them before me, thinking they have bigger problems than me. And they probably do. So, I don't say anything. No one wants to hear my problems..that's how I see it. And why would they want to? They've got their own.
Anyways..I'm tired. I wanna go to sleep. I just want to dream, which is the only place I can do anything most of the time. Like flying, or fighting, or being a teacher for some strange reason, or a fairy, a magical person, a princess, a singer..a bunch of stuff. Even if I have no idea what's happening most of the time. I like to dream. And maybe I'll like it a lot less when I like being awake more. But that looks like its gonna take a long while.
I wish I wasn't so unhappy. But maybe it'll go away soon. That's as optimistic as I can be.
So..it'll go away soon. I'll let the journal know..since its unlikely that I get the same readers, assuming someone is going to because they're bored or something. Thank you for reading, if you did, since it must've been dumb to read. Assuming you all have problems of your own, and even if I didn't go into detail, and left out a few things, it must not seem that bad. But its bad to me..and it seems like all I can do is whine about it..ugghh..
I'm not going to sleep now, cause I'm mad at my brother and we share a room, so I'm just gonna stay on the couch.

The Drums-I Need Fun In My Life
You'd think I would know
All the answers for the questions before I roll
But I spent to much time thinking and I spent to much time doing
Its time to go, to go, to go, to go

And I need fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun
In my life, and I need life
In my fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun ooooooooooh

I went to take a walk yesterday
All around New York city
And I saw something written on a car
It said 'the less you own the more freedom you have'
The less you own the more freedom you have
So I went home and I through it all away

And I need fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun
In my life, and I need life
In my fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun ooooooooooh
And I need fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun
In my life, and I need life
In my fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun
And I need fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun
In my life, and I need life
In my fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun

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