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It usually occurs anywhere between 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. but usually on the later end of that block.

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When my imagination takes over...seriously, it drives me nuts and I end up writing something totally random that at the end even I'm like, "What did I just type?". xD

When does this occur? Anytime! Anywhere!
I do my best work at two specific times:

1. When there's something else I need to do
2. Late at night

Also I simply can't do anything if not motivated. I churned out 100 pages in a day once, other days I can't do a single worthwhile page.

Though I only write for keeping my story straight, my actual favored medium is graphic novels.
I write best at two times- just after noon, and late at night.
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I really have to be focused and driven. Without that, I write slowly and badly.
I write best when I am almost knocked out sleepy. There's this magical time where my brain drifts off into rainbow lollipop spooky world where metaphors flow like waterfalls and pretty things emerge. There was also this one time where I was high because of my pain medication (I don't know why it made me high that time) and I wrote this extremely breath-takingly beautiful thing that makes people cry because of the beauty. So...I think I do my best writing when high. Strangely. Also, when I'm super inspired by something lovely and in that magical time I do some really spectacular work.
I'm the same with the rest of the tired comments. I think it is because our creativity bursts through when we have time to ourselves, which is usually at night and/or when we're surrounded by people who are also focused (explains the school comments.)

When i was in highschool the best time for me to write would be any i.t class with my headphones in listening to soundtracks to games such as final fantasy because of the mood those melodies could set. The fact everyone was going about their business was more comforting and encouraging as it let me drift off into a world of my own.

Since i left i find it best into the early hours of the morning and as a result of this i actually wake up about 5pm these days and go to bed at around 9-10am. However it's still more distracting than it used to be, we have Gaia, facebook, forum sites which i go on regularly, at least in school i didn't have any of that as the internet consisted of google but everything you searched for was blocked.
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I do my best writing anytime I'm on someone else's computer. I can't seem to focus or get motivated to even open a text doc. on my own computer for some reason. Aside from that I don't have a specific time that I write in. Just when I'm in the mood.
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cєℓєsтιαℓ ғιʀєғℓιєs:

One of the best times is late at night when everything is calm and I don't have to work in the morning. I can relax, put on some music if I wish, and write.

I also enjoy writing when I'm waiting for the bus or a ride, either at the coffee shop by my work or at the mall by the transit center. It's nice to do some physical pen-and-paper writing sometimes. I got a tablet, but the thing is so small and frustrating to type on that I just pour my words into my notebook instead.
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I do my best writing at three in the morning before I have to wake up at six the next to go to work. 0.o
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at school when I dont hv or want to do anything in class
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I write best when I'm at work, either during my breaks or waiting for my bus. It's strange but that feeling when you're happy to be off work for the time being fuels my writing best.
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I have two times of day that I write the best. One is during lunch, so mid day. And the other is around midnight when no one else is awake at my house.
...I write best when I'm in a really bad mood.
Either pissed off, sad, or beyond irritated.
I don't know why. I guess I use writing as well as sketching as stress relief whee
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Most people write best at night (myself included) because our brains are partially shutting down. We start releasing chemicals that make us have that "inspired" feeling. Most likely even, the work isn't even any better, it's just easier to write. I often write late and think "WOW." Then I wake up and think "Dat atrocity!" I spend a lot of time editting when I work at night. XD

Anyway, yeah. We aren't magically captivated by the night or any other nonsense, it's just science. smile

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