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This Never Gets Updated

Sometimes I like to make how-tos?


Celestial Fireflies

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Last Login: 05/27/2021 10:24 pm

Registered: 07/16/2008

Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/08/1990


My name is Celestial Fireflies. You may call me by any variation of this you wish, just don't call me late for dinner. [/haaa]

I like cats, a lot. I have three.
I also have two rats and a betta tank.
Non-animal interests include writing, interior design, frequent daydreaming, pointless socialization on the internet, lurking, walking, crocheting, knitting, learning, dry mouth, constipation, and blur-- ahhem.

Random fact time:
1. I know ASL, though I only use it to video chat with my hard-of-hearing mom or help the occasional deaf customer.
2. This is my billionth account, but the only one I ever ditched my original main for.
3. I once moved 2,141 miles on a whim. The whim was called love. I stepped off a plane and never went back home.
4. You can hypnotize a chicken by drawing a line in front of it.

Aaaannnd, that's my profile. Maybe when I'm not feeling lazy, I'll code it up a bit.

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NicoCensors Report | 09/04/2014 5:05 pm
cool avi
Spirit Reborn Report | 02/20/2014 9:25 am
hey fireflies,

noticed that you like cats. I'm an animal lover myself. Which breed are your cats, by the way?
I've always wanted rats as pets. I wonder how much they cost.. I remember doing extensive research about them and
discussing rats, with rat owners, in the Pets! forum. Go figure that I forget the cost xD [not including other necessities]
micperson Report | 03/14/2013 3:04 pm
I just wanted to let you know that I simply adore your avi. ^3^
Have a nice day.
Kecitich Report | 01/08/2013 6:18 pm
Happy New Year Celestial Fireflies. I am a bit late sorry.

I've been stuck on doing things here and there. I am quite impressed with what I've saw from your guild, and from your last comment on my profile. I'm just terribly sorry I never had the chance to formally introduce myself to you about who I am and my passion on Interior Design. I have bought lots of books and love shows that talks about renovation houses...
Ratttking Report | 12/19/2012 5:34 am
cat_4laugh Your cats are adorable! I'm enjoying reading your blog.
Avidly Athena Report | 10/15/2012 6:02 pm
That's super interesting and I will definitely check it out ASAP! smile
Avidly Athena Report | 10/14/2012 6:46 pm
I like it a lot! It's pretty different from a long time ago I think... there's a LOT more items and Gold seems to be easier to get now... especially if you buy things with real money and sell them. hahah There are a ton of ads too, which was kind of unexpected considering how much money I'm sure they get from cash cards and stuff. I've been sticking to it!
Kecitich Report | 08/29/2012 11:52 pm
Hello Celestial Fireflies for inviting me to Interior Design guild. I love decorating and enjoy reading books, watch videos about Interior Design smile I use The Sims 3 to plan ahead. Love that game lol
edaaz Report | 08/21/2012 9:27 pm
Hey now, you have such a beautiful ability to see the beauty of my avatar. surprised

srsly though, thanks. ;D
ClandestineDuck Report | 11/18/2011 3:52 am
xd ooohmygod, I've been using this username for years and never thought of that. Geez. And thanks, it's leftover from Halloween. I like yours too!