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I try to keep my tablet computer on my as much as possible. I tend to write on the hoof, whenever the mood takes me.

If I'm seriously trying to churn something out though, I will actively try to make the time to sit and write, usually when my kids are sleeping or otherwise occupied! blaugh
Usually when I'm at school, after I have finished my work, because there's nothing to do so it keeps me occupied, and plus since I'm at school I'm pretty focused, and I can't just doze of in the middle of writing like I do at home because I'm to relaxed.
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At night. Late. I can never write during the day, my mind is too full.
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For me, I tend to be inspired to write most after midnight, that way I'm alone and can b***h and re-write my work all night without interruptions. I also seem to get in the writing mood when I have absolutely no time to spare and am too busy to write, but can't help but fantasize what I want to type next.... sweatdrop
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I write my best anywhere from middle of afternoon to middle of the night.
Or when I'm listening to music that fits the scene I'm writing like loud angry music for fight scenes or techno music when it gets more fantasy-ish.
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There's not really a physical place for it that I do my best writing. What i mean is, it doesn't matter WHERE I write so long as I set myself up properly. All I need is a place where I won't be talked to and I can put on headphones. Once I'm isolated from outside distraction and get into the zone, well, nobody can stop me. smile
When I'm absolutely alone. I like writing in my room in the morning, even though sometimes I'm barely awake, or my mom's room on the weekend in the evening/night (cause she ain't there). I share a room, though, which makes it tough sometimes, but I usually get up an hour or so before my sister. I can't take my writing with me anywhere else though.

The later it gets the more cracky my writing gets. Or depressing and dark. It depends on my mood, but it'll be stronger in one of those ways than in the morning.

Anytime usually. I'm afraid saying that it's best to write when I'm not around anyone isn't accurate. When I'm around no one, I tend to relax completely, fall asleep, or do something silly like talk to people on Facebook or come here to Gaia and post. DON'T JUDGE ME!!! lol Truth be told, inspiration smacks me in the face most when I am quiet and focused (and I'll usually freak out and scramble for a pen and paper (pen because pencils break when I get into those wild, willy-nilly moments) and scare the crap out of any kids/parents nearby which causes me to laugh hysterically; I'm not kidding. Sometimes I scare myself.)


I could say anywhere, but the truth is, I can't stand having so much noise in the background while I'm trying to focus. I can do it, but I would prefer a quiet place like a library, my desk (when no one's in the house at the time) my bed (which is sometimes commandeered by my oh-so-annoying brother) or something along those lines.

It's not to say that when and where affect my best working potential. It's my state of mind, the ebb, flow, and balance of rational and irrational thought which drives my working habits (or pulls me over onto the side of the road to upchuck whatever I deem important enough to write down after a full day of activity).
Time doesn't matter to me. I write best when I've got a perfect plan.
Chapters which are action packed are the easiest to write. They let me sink into the plot and I just write and write til my fingers ache.
Music rather distracts me. If I write while listening to music I begin to type the lyrics of the song sweatdrop
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Depends on the style of writing. For crackfic, anytime I'm bubbly and giggling works. For the spy novel, just after having woken up at 3am from a nightmare works best.

Mostly, I prefer to write mid-afternoon to evening, but realistically I end up writing in the evenings after work: basically whenever I have time and am not half-asleep.
I write pretty well in the wee hours of the morning. Three or four. And yes, the Writer's Forum moves terribly slow.
Intoxicated for sure.
I do my best writing in class. I've stopped bringing my laptop to college because I only ever want to write in class when I should be doing good student kind of things.

It takes a special kind of day for me to write at home.
It really depends on what the feel of my project is. Sometimes I write best alone in the afternoon outsite a coffee shop,other times at three am with a soda close at hand. Once I wrote ghost stories while staying alone in the woods in a woodfire heated cabin in colorado. Find that state of mind and let it inspire you.
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There's is no specific time for me. Usually it's right before I go to sleep, or right after I wake up in the morning. Dreams are best to write about, that's why it's nightime for me.

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