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I'm curious. I've honestly heard on many different websites many different responses. Some do better while at work, relaxing, right before bed and some even while intoxicated. I thought it's be fun to know when gaiains feel they write best (plus I'm new and am exploring many different forums... I think I'll like this one best due to my interests... even though a friend of mine warned me it ws slow. Is it slow or is that just the forum where people post their stuff?)
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for me, as strange to me as it seems, i only seem to get anything done when at school, i don't know why, maybe it is because i am around people who are doing the same thing, like i said i don't know, but between that and the kind of music i listen to, i would say I'm pretty well off.
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For me, I do my best when it's late at night (we're talking 11-3 here). I guess it's because when I'm that tired, but too stubborn to go to sleep, the critical part of my brain is too tired to function and I write in a frenzy, not really caring what I say. It ends with me getting the word vomit out and actually producing something decent.

And unfortunately, it is a slow moving forum. emotion_8c
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Welcome to the WF.
It is a slow forum.

I write best at night. I do most things best at night.
For me, I'm always more productive during times when I'm really busy. Such as during summer vacation I just can't focus, but during the school year I focus way better.
At night, especially when I'm listening to some good music and I have vivid scenes flashing through my head that I need to get down before I forget.
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I certainly can't write in the morning, heck, I can't function in the morning full stop. If I know I have other work to do I can't write. I have to be in a calm environment, quiet, listening to music and, more importantly, inspired.
I write best in the dead of night, with my music blasting but everything other than that silent. Also, on ocasion, after I read a good book or watched a cool show that gave me some ideas.
(Yes, it is slow. xp )
When I have time to write. I'm not picky. It all comes out about the same regardless of time or degree of force I had to apply to get it done.

On the flip side, I'm a slow editor, so I was doing a scene during my lunch break at work. Could edit just about anywhere given I edit on hardcopy, while I write on me macbook pro.
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I do my best writing when I'm relaxed and not set on a due date.
I've never been good with those or even by being told what to
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I seem to do my best writing when partially drunk and/or at really silly times of the night up until about three-thirty am.
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Evening, when I'm settled in for the night. I don't like to stay up until 3 in the morning (though that used to be my habit). It gets difficult to understand after a certain point if I'm up too late.

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Late evening is usually best for me, because it's quieter around the house and there are usually less distractions. I also like to settle down somewhere and write in between classes at school, when I'm not trying to catch up on sleep.
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Between 11pm-7am, usually this is at/passing 24 hours of being awake. I'm not sure why, but it's not just my creative side dominating to screw with my logical side--I've done some great and fruitful studying around this time period too.

It also helps when I have a situation/song stuck in my head. I find it to be the quickest way to drive through a story.
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Usually anywhere from 4 AM to 7 AM, even though my grammar and typing skills just plunge right around then.
Wow, there seems to be a lot of late night writers. I too find it best when it's late at night... I wonder why that is? Thanks for all the replies guys, it was very interesting find out when people write best. Now I wonder, perhaps a second question. Where do you write best? It sounds strange but for some reason I write best in the living room at my dads house even though I haven't lived there for 6 months.

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