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At night. Like around 3am. :D
Right after I break through whatever hang up I had previously.

I'll be hung up on some of the most ridiculously things just staring at my screen, slowly drawing out words and connecting them, and then I'll write one line of dialogue or narrative and it's like the floodgate broke and the words just pour out of me.

After that I have a steady flow, but not as good as right after the snagged place.
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Usually when I'm at school, after I have finished my work, because there's nothing to do so it keeps me occupied, and plus since I'm at school I'm pretty focused, and I can't just doze of in the middle of writing like I do at home because I'm to relaxed.
Me too!
For me it is realative to my location. If I am at school I will write just about whenever I like, although preferably when I can hack away at my laptop, and, if not, I instead write it all down in a book I bring in to class with me.
If I am at home however it seems to relate to not only the time of day but how much sleep and food I get. My brain tends to kick start itself at about six-seven o'clock at around dinner time (which is outright annoying due to the interuptions as my train of thought will naturally have broken by the time I'd managed to get back to my desk) but I will be prone to fits of genius at random intervals.
I write best anytime, anywhere just as long as I got a god idea. When it disappears, I try to review the whole plot then think of the situation to achieve another situation( situations and choices do create numerous possibilities) mrgreen
I write best when I'm in a state of melancholy and the most common trigger for that tends to be rain. I can churn out small chunks of writing or choreograph action scenes on the fly but when I need to do emotional interactions or in-depth description a good rainstorm is usually what I need if I want to get anything good on the page.
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I know I tend to write most late at night but that's because I'm not busy then. But in truth, when I get inspired, I can write at anytime of the day. Also, my surroundings can help. Yesterday I wrote a few paragraphs by hand in a notebook when a storm started rolling in and the wind got really high. Also music tends to inspire me, other stories, games, movies or I can just randomly get inspiration out of the blue. xD
I do my best writing with a cup of coffee and after listening to a few good songs. Also, before I write, I outline!! That way I have an idea and then I go from there.
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well, personally, I seem to write and even draw my best when I'm dead tired but don't want to go to sleep.
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for stories it's late at night, while simultaneously on the internet talking to people. It's slow work, but it's my best. When I'm writing poetry, it can hit whenever and I have to work on it by myself.
I get my best writing done when I'm listening to music. But it has to be related to the scene. If I was listening to "such horrible things" by creature the feature while writing about innocent puppies... sweatdrop
Evenings, after work
or after reading a book or
a subject of research. One is
it also has to be silent, or
low music.
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I write best when I'm depressed and/or its late at night.
Music is also good too.
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I do my best work in the middle of the night.
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Once the clock strikes 10pm, I am down to write. I like to be in my room when I write. Or in the dark in general. So when I'm sick and laying under the covers all day, I would write a lot

I can't write with music on. I'll start singing and stop writing sweatdrop

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