Name: Jade or Rennie
Age: 23
Location: London, England
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Married
Occupation: Freelance Writer/Blogger/Novelist/Bookie
Religion: Kemetic Orthodox
Lerks in:: Life Discussions, Life Issues, Writer's forum, Extended Discussion, Morality & Religion and Sociology & Psychology.
Interests: Reading, Egyptology (hence guild), anatomy & physiology, history, music, The Sims.

Be sure to visit my WordPress page and read my blogs xd

MY GUILD Egyptology Guild. My Guild is for those who love anything to do with Ancient Egypt.

My Music:
Arcitecture in Helsinki
BWO (Bodies Without Organs)
heart Darren Hayes heart
Linkin Park
Lonely Island
Medhat Saleh
Savage Garden
Snow Patrol
Take That
Tinie Tempah
Two Steps From Hell


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Jadey's Journal

Dear Journal . . . .

My journal is going to be about the main events of my day/life.


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The Decadent Requiem

Report | 07/31/2012 2:32 pm

The Decadent Requiem

xd You too huh?
-high five- haha
The Decadent Requiem

Report | 07/27/2012 9:36 am

The Decadent Requiem

Tired atm Dx
An you?
The Decadent Requiem

Report | 07/26/2012 10:37 am

The Decadent Requiem

Ah why hello there ^^
Amethyst Marigold

Report | 07/16/2012 5:31 am

Amethyst Marigold

It's hotter than hot here most days. Personally, I just keep wishing I had enough money for a car and my own place! I did manage to just score a second job though.
Amethyst Marigold

Report | 07/15/2012 6:38 am

Amethyst Marigold

How've you been?

Report | 07/10/2012 2:46 pm


Just wanted to say I'm still interested in the guild! :3
Amethyst Marigold

Report | 07/09/2012 7:52 am

Amethyst Marigold

Just wanted to stop by and say hello!
Avengers Assemble GO

Report | 06/28/2012 8:39 am

Avengers Assemble GO

Omg you like BWO and Disturbed as well? emotion_kirakira And you like the sims? emotion_kirakira May I please add you as a friend?
Avengers Assemble GO

Report | 06/28/2012 8:37 am

Avengers Assemble GO

You are very welcome. biggrin
Avengers Assemble GO

Report | 06/28/2012 8:28 am

Avengers Assemble GO

Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say that you have a lovely avi. Have a nice day Miss biggrin


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