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Why don't I help you too. I feel bad for you doing all of this for me. *sniffle*

8 worthy people become vessels for 8 gods.
They control a main element, other elements they manipulate aren't as controled/powerful.
The people have seals to contain the gods power so it doesn't overload.
They all travel the world meeting many new people, making friends and destorying evil.
They change/evolve over time. Proofs in the way their weapon and god looks [individually].
*if that's enough information [cough] my logic works very complecatiedly and strangly*

Falling Heaven
Looking Up/Down at Beyond Worlds
Pride and Honor [or Honour]
I think I love you.

I'm running out of ideassss. Ummm...


Forgotten Photograph.

...Can I have your babies?
How about your vampire story, is that all I need to know to name it? ninja


Demon Portal
I think I love you.

Fangs? I might call it Blood Moon.
Here, click.
First summary.


White Light,
Darker than Black.

...Can I have your babies?
First one right? XP It's your choice. I'll recommend some if it is the first one.

Lunar Eclipse
Unchecked Causualties
Fallen World
Moonlit Land
I think I love you.

First one, yea.

Maybe Millennium Blood.
It's set in '99, so. I'm planning on ending it with the Apocalypse.


Twenty-Eight Boxes,
Medicine Cabinet,

...Can I have your babies?
My story ends when the world is suppose to end with a battle[Dec 2012]

Tactics of a Liar
The Cadavar
The SignPost of History
I think I love you.

I'm taking Tactics of a Liar.

Nice. Don't you love apocalyptic endings?


Eyes Shut Wide,
Blinding Black,
Sweet Spots.

...Can I have your babies?
Yeah. heart The boss person is going to kill and taint the entire world. ^^
Someone dies but doesn't. Strange, I know. It's linked with ? 'Soul Fragmentation' ? or whatever it's called.

Soul Release
The Longing Feeling
I think I love you.

Isn't Soul Release a Yu Gi Oh card?
(Excuse me, my geek is showing.)
I might kill off my favourite character before The End and it makes me sad.


Game Over, [very overdone, but I'm desperate]
Curled Straight,
Top Bunk.

...Can I have your babies?
I think I love you.

And I'm gonna go sleep.


Best Served Bloody.

...Can I have your babies?

Tactical Distraction
Quixotic Mind
Auribus Teneo Lupum [Translated from Latin to: I hold a wolf by the ears (Dangerous situation in which both holding on and letting go could be lethal) ]
When All Else Fails, Play Dead
I am the Angel Eater! scream

So I'll give:
Black and White Future / Destiny
Infant Gods
The Apocalypse Wasn't My Fault!

And a while before someone wrote scar tissue... Isn't that a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
I think I love you.

I dunno, I don't listen to them. I just thought of it while scratching at a wound on my elbow.


Tempting Destiny.

...Can I have your babies?
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I got some

Waking Nightmare
And Then There Were Pants
Poke It With A Stick
Fuzz Butt
Typo In Color
Raining Up
Kitty Cat Bath

I know they're not the best but eh....maybe someone will adopt them

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