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My brain hurts too. rofl Oop, better get to bed.

Sky Boulders
what I see [a monster] and what Others see [normal person] in Me
Solar and Lunar Bathed Land
I think I love you.

Lol. Night night.
I'm gonna go rest my head too, I've got a pounding headache.
Wait out the advil.

Sweet Sunrise (or) Sweet Sunset.

...Can I have your babies?
I think I love you.

...I'm so making something sexual out of Instigation.

And I'm swiping Demoniac out of that thesaurus result I posted.


Scar Tissue,
Strawberry Slush,
For the Love of Drugs,

...Can I have your babies?
I Am (name) and (same name) is my brother/sister STEAL!!!


Love Checklist (was the title to a poem... but the poem sucked)

I have the perfect Idea for that title... a story about a schizo... YAY!
The Sleepy Pink Cat
Some names I'll never use:

.Start to Stop
.You, Me, and the Thing In Between
.Her Previous Engagement
.Dead to the World
.Like Water Off Of Dry Ice

I think I might use 'Of Burning Breath'... also 'A Walk with Euphoria' catches my eye. Great quirky little names :3

Oooo! I like "You, Me, and the Thing In Between"

I love that!!!

Here's something (mine are all crap, but if you like it and can run with it, i admire you writing skills)

When the wind blows south

Breaking of Heart number one

Love, Life and Losers

Like a Cloud in the sky
Hi all. ninja

Returning Home
Frosted Grass
Cheer Up Emo, There's a Razor Sale. mrgreen
I present thee with//

- Sweet Deception
- The Forgotten Promise
- Love's Fatal Error
- Troubled Imagery
- Vanity's Tempt
- Irrepressible Affair
Hi all. ninja

Returning Home
Frosted Grass
Cheer Up Emo, There's a Razor Sale. mrgreen

*snortgiggle* Oh my GOD. I love "Cheer Up Emo, There's a Razor Sale." *takes it* It's mine!

Kitty Reflex.
Sugar, Sugar.
Cluster Fun.
Star Belt.
Pink Cell.
The Worst Fight in the History of Siblings.
Jump Kiss.
New Words.
The Female Weapon.
Be My Hate.
Cootie Queen.
Club Jellyfish.
Extra Mayonase
Carpet Stain.
The Love Molester.
Lickity Stick.

Oh man, I have so many.
Wait! Star Belt is mine now! No one gets it! XD
I think I love you.

I'm swiping Love, Life and Losers.


Emergency Pill Pack,
Can Tower, [I'm thinking...no, I lost it. Something about couch potatoes.]
Back Pocket Bandana.

...Can I have your babies?
Okay...I looked at all the posts and didn't find one I wanted. XP

Turning Silence into Gold
Turning Duct Tape into Silver
Calling to the Sky

Not my best. stare
Hey here! Just thought I'd leave a few titles.

Married To Trouble (I'm rather partial to this one)
Blood on the Leaves
Snake in the Grass
DON'T PANIC! (possibly followed by the sequel, "OKAY, NOW PANIC!" ) blaugh
Silence of the Trees
The Laws of Nature (And How To Disobey Them)
Murphy's Law of [insertsomethinghere]
The Optimistic Pessimist
Nobody Dances Sober (Unless They're Crazy)
Zana Bonanza's avatar

High-functioning Lunatic

Imma giving:

- The Smartest Moron
- A Day in the Life of Some Person Who Isn't Exactly Important but Oh Well
- Crappily Ever After
- You Say Good-bye and I Say Good Riddance
- Losing Me
- The Great Mistake
- Mary-Sue goes Boom!
- How I Lost My Pinky Finger

I think I love you.

The Smartest Moron, hehe.
That reminds me of my two favourite terms.


The Smartest Dumb a**
The Dumbest Smart a**

...Can I have your babies?

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