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heart I am taking "Unnamed Sky", "Blood on the Leaves", "Who Defaced the Cookie Jar?" and "Starless Night". heart

-You've got 20/20 vision: Why are you so blind?
-Would you love me if I bit you? ((Vamp/ Were))
-Stuck in Heaven's Limbo
-Godly Errors )
-God's Forsaken > ((Do these Help?))
-Godly Deliverance )
-Wind Through The Hollow
-Bush, Brow and Burrow
-Ivy's Honey Poison
-Snow Bitten
-Ware the Wolf's Den
-Death by Note: The Horrors of High School

There, that's three new titles for every one I took.
I'm printing out a huge sheet of all of these titles for inspiration.

My Gives:. ( on the spot)

I'm Beautiful, Dammit!
Jabberwocky ( find something else besides a Lewis Carroll base biggrin )
Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard
Smash Your Television
Sinister Rouge
She's Like Heroin
It's Cruel... and Unusual
More titles:

You Have Disappointed Me For The Last Time
22 Minutes
Hatred Is By Far The Longest Pleasure
The Sliver
I think I love you.

I think I'm gonna steal...Hiatus.
I might come back and steal Death by Note, but I think it inspired something else.

There's a show called "This Hour is 22 Minutes", by the way.


Hate Sex,
Love Can't Always be the Aphrodisiac.

...Can I have your babies?
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Magic Bookworm

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-Love and Hate After Eight
-Boo Boo's on the Brain
-Deary Deer
-Hell No or Maybe So
-Twilight's Misty Heart
-Cynical Pink
-Solar Flare

Gives: heart
-The Picture That Told it All.
-My Dog's a Genious.
-Snake Leg
-The Guitar Bar
-How I Shot Myself.
-Because It's Hot In Here.
-Sweet Green.
-Godly Elements.
-How I Fell in Love with my Gym Partner.
-Brunetts Do It Better.
-Super Sensei. (Karate Superhero?)
-How Time Swims. (How Time Walks? Drives? Basically another option for 'Flys')

I'll think of more in a bit.

Can someone suggest some titles for a Young Adult Science Fiction novel?
I think I love you.

Got a summary?


Drill Me,
How I Lost my Pants,
I'm Better,
Dry Mud,

...Can I have your babies?
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An unknown life
Rae Simmons

-Godly Errors )
-God's Forsaken > ((Do these Help?))
-Godly Deliverance )
A postive-neutral is what I going for if you're talking about me. O.o It's too hard. TT^TT

Fantasy or Reality?
Starting Over
Lost Angel
I think I love you.


Taking a stab, but.

We be thy God?

...Can I have your babies?
I'm trying, no use. By thread title looks even nore boring than "Untitled". *sigh* I'm gonna get a title I like in English, translate it [Chinese Characters] and see if I like it.

Journey of the Gods
Element Unknown
Density's Strings
I got a random title. ninja Might use it though for a chapter title.

heart Spell of Temptation heart
I think I love you.

Attempts for bingshui/gives otherwise;

The Face of God,
The Masks of God.

...Can I have your babies?
Neat titles, but none of my books need titles right now. I thought I'd offer some of my own anyway.

The Last Summer
Lady's Choice
Where Dragons WanderPurification
Strange Rain
Blood of the Winter Rose

As you can probably tell, I write mostly fantasy lol I hope someone can find a home for these.

Even though you say you write mostly fantasy, I really like [most of] the titles you've thought of. I don't write fantasy myself, but I might use either "The Last Summer", "Strange Rain" or "Treesong" in the future.
Thank you! ^^

Oh, and a couple of titles of mine that I probably won't use:
Walking on a Rainbow
Running Through Water

Yes, I'm a bit of the "descriptive" type. ;]
I hope someone finds use of them.

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