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Yes, I need help.

Bronze Wings, Gold plated Glory.
Reasons as to Why not to Comply.
The Words on the Edge of Teeth
Grinding Gears In a Clock
Making Soil to Make you Loyal.
Raging Water, Running Fire
Cowardly Insights for a Hero.
P H R 33 Ki
I think I love you.

Need help?

I'm good at helping.

(Except when it's bingshui.)


Class Photo.

...Can I have your babies?
Sorry again, I think I'm a picky person.
I think I love you.

Lol, I'm compiling a list of every title stated and what's been claimed out of boredom.

@Bingshui- Like I said, with high expectations come high quality.

And nobody can steal that as I title for I am keeping it for myself.

@earth2ichigo- What kind of story is it?


Speaker Phone. [moine, too, I just thought of an excellent plot.]


Flowers, TP, and Shaving Cream.

...Can I have your babies?
Oh well I'll name it something boring for a while of forever but I don't hate it.

Looming Darkness
Lord of Ghosts
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It's about a mad (read: crazy/insane) woman (Named Janine) who comes from a family of culinary masters, but she herself is a failure at this. She is very demonic from the blackness of her lungs (her family smokes alot). She is hopelessly in love with a man named Elliot Bonham, who is engaged to a woman named Lucretia DeRyan. She then rents a building to use as her bakery (she poisons some of them) and they all come out depressing and grey-ish. But people still buy them (like for funerals).

That is all I have worked out.
Split Loyalties
Sapphire Stormclouds
Silent Confessions
The Iron Moon
Drinking Death
Embracing the Flame
Passion Before Duty
Day Hunting
I think I love you.

Woops, I totally got distracted by the copypasting of titles.
Have you gone through the whole thread?
And if you haven't, give me about ten more minutes, I almost half the entire list made.

To be honest, I'd probably just call it 'Janine.'
(With the period.)

...Can I have your babies?
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Yes, I've gone through the entire thread.

I'm an idiot. Why didn't I think of that? oD Janine. I love it. Thank you, ma'am.
Going through the entire thread...
The writer fourm needs a "My novel" reference discussion thread for information purposes.

To a Sigh-less Road
I think I love you.

Yay! I helped someone!
I'm at the end of the list. Will I be murdered it I post it? I swear we've compiled like 400 titles or something.

Jussec, I'll get word to count it.

Oh, and bingshui, together, we've compiled about a third of them. lol.


...Can I have your babies?
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400 titles or so?
That is amazing.
I think I love you.

I mean everyone, not just me and bingshui.

But look. Here's Word sized out.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

The coloured ones are, blue, me, and red, bingshui.

My god.

...Can I have your babies?
I think I love you.



There are 619 titles on the board, claimed and unclaimed.

...Can I have your babies?
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Holy Sh--Cow...

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