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These are pretty awesome... Just reading them is giving me short story ideas... User Image

As for some of mine:

Seven Steps Ahead of the World
Screaming in the Pouring Rain (I tried writing a poem using this title, but I don't really like the poem... lurve the title though heart )
I'll be your Scapegoat (wrote a poem using this one too, but same as above: didn't turn out that great. crying )
Luck Ain't Got Nothin' To Do With It (actually I think I want to keep this one... wink blaugh )

Yay started page two! biggrin

<3 Back to the first page?
Here's some...

Red Red Rain
Philosophy in a Tea Cup
Cynical Pink
In Words and Music
Inner Universe
Home Stay
Flying Low
Hm...I really like Dream me a Defect.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I'm taking it anyway! Haha!

As for titles to leave behind...

I Don't Love You: (and other lies)
Forgive the Sacrifice
Black Fireworks
Durable Lies

Hmmm...I like the first title a lot. *Grabs*
This is fun! I have some titles
"Some Things Beautiful"(something I might use for one of several stories I'm working on, but none of them are anywhere close to done, so I woud consider this one unused...
"Raining More Than Snow" (this one doesnt make sense..."
"Lama, Lama, Give me your tongue"
"Everything Before Tomorrow"
"Some Things Our's"
N3ON P-a-n-d-a

cold SUMMER - (probably used for like. . .Twilight-based books.)

I like this one and feel drawn to it for some strange reason. I intend on using it somehow but most likely nothing resembling Twilight. xP

Seven Steps Ahead of the World

Same thing for this title. I like this one just as much and possibly would use this as a title for another story. If it doesn't become a title I guess I could turn it into a chapter title...

and mine:
Raining Red Clocks
From Dusk to Dawn
Days of Absolution
Every Soul is a Circus
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    Daybreak Instance

I misread this as "Daybreak Insurance"...will the original title still be free if I use that instead?

Oh, and as for a few unused titles of my own:

Behind the Mist
Adventurers Six

*steals* perfect for my story<3

My titles:

Of So-Called Saviors
Unsheathed and Vulnerable
When The Door Locks
So Much for Destiny
Forgotten Memories
My Open-Ended Grave
The Mystery's Never Solved
This sounds like fun. :0 I've been looking for a title myself but I don't see anything here that'll fit with it yet.

Anyways... my titles:

Jack Reaper
Fantastical Fantasy
The Mind is Broken
Meaningful Havoc
Stricken Wondrously
Beyond All Morals
[ title ]
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I really liked Red Winter Rose, so I'm taking it. But I might change it a little, but it really sparked an idea of mine. I'm also taking Butterfly Kisses as the sequal to Red Winter Rose.

Here's Mine:
Just Mysterious
Seventeen People
Neat titles, but none of my books need titles right now. I thought I'd offer some of my own anyway.

The Last Summer
Lady's Choice
Where Dragons Wander
Strange Rain
Blood of the Winter Rose

As you can probably tell, I write mostly fantasy lol I hope someone can find a home for these.

Grabs; Treesong
Where Dragons Wander

Gives; The Death Toll
Strange Lady on Met Street
Lilliana Goldenburge Lue (Don't laugh that is my name)

Those are the full titles (and to clarify, Lilliana Goldenburge Lue isn't my name it's the girl in the story as the narrator, or what ever you do with it)
Those where mine and these are my friends and I;

Gives; Dear Lady Down the Block
I Miss My Buddy
I Am (name) and (same name) is my brother/sister
Mom's Last Cold Day Ever

Sorry if they sound dumb
I'm taking "Philosophy in a Teacup" for reason's you should only question at risk of your own sanity.

I'll give you: Daughters of Dragons
Six Before Breakfast

Plus "Through the Looking Glass" is already a book.
Mars Yggdrasil

Plus "Through the Looking Glass" is already a book.

Ahh. I didn't know that. ^^; Sorry!
I'm not taking, but I am leaving one.

Painting Love with Words
Aoede Gizeria
Mars Yggdrasil

Plus "Through the Looking Glass" is already a book.

Ahh. I didn't know that. ^^; Sorry!

Meh, all is forgiven. It's the sequel to Alice in Wonderland if you're interested.
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[Main Character] versus the Time Dilation!
[Main Character] and the Journey through Hyperspace!
[Main Character] and the Automaton Men...Rock the Galaxy?
[Main Character] and Where Baby Stars Come From!

If you haven't guessed these are titles for Hard Science Space Adventures.

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