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Why did you attend Romance High?

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Education 0.044444444444444 4.4% [ 2 ]
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Those long days passing by from that door▁▁▁▁▁▁
▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐Like late summer they slowly fade away
f i n d i n g x w a y x t h r o u g h x t h e x f a v o r i t e x t u n e
▐▐▐▐▐▐ ) played all day with my eyes closed

                ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ Yuri Mizu Takara

                Yuri stepped out of the portal and stopped briefly after taking in the new scenery. This school was a lot different then her old one. Especially the fact she had to get there by portal. Her eyes darted around looking at the other students who seemed to be arriving as well. If she could feel any excitement at all this would be where it would come in handy. A slight chill came across her though as the cold air blew against her skin. It was partially bare since she was wearing a sundress. Perhaps a jacket would have been the smartest thing to bring. She had one in her suitcase, but she didn't exactly want to go digging through just to find it for this exact moment.

                She soon started on her way to the dorms pulling out a small piece of paper from her pocket stating what dorm she lived in. She never really understood the whole point of the dorms since you were going to be spending the entire year with someone you hardly knew. I mean sure you would get to know them over time, but you would think that the school would at least give you some of your own privacy and split you up so you had your own separate rooms instead of two beds, a dresser, and a desk which is what Yuri guessed was going to be in the room.

                As she entered the building she was blinded by white with a hint of red from the carpet and the green of the plant at the top of the stairs. She blinked a few times adjusting her eyes to the scenery and looked curiously around. It was quite beautiful here. Now all that was left to see was the dorm rooms. Knowing how sometimes appearances may fool you you might end up sleeping in some strange loft with needles on your bed as your mattress or something like that. Of course that wasn't going to be the case.

                Yuri looked at the paper in her hand and then looked at the door matching the number to what was written. She opened the door slightly and walked in not caring if anyone else was in there or not. As she set her suitcase down near a bed she looked around. It was once again white with a bed covered in a blue bedspread, a television off to the side, and three little windows at the front letting in tons of sunlight. Yuri walked over to the windows and lifted one of the curtains from them looking down. She noticed other students chatting with each other and laughing. She tilted her head a bit confused as to what they were doing when it came to those emotions. Yuri was taught them when she was younger, but she never was able to remember them exactly. She shook the thought from her head and walked over to her suitcase starting to neatly unpack her stuff.

                Once finished she decided she'd spend some time in the study room. Or as she'd read it ws also called "the play room". She often wondered the whole time why it was called this since so she decided to go and find out for herself. She put the suitcase under her bed and then walked out the door leaving it unlocked so that her roommate (if she had one) could get in even though they'd probably have a key. No matter it was the nicer thing to do to save them time.

                Yuri walked the halls curiously now searching for this so called "study/play room". Since it was her first year here she wasn't quite familiar with the layout, but she definitely knew how to read the signs. Her eyes the drifted to one that was labeled "study room" and she walked right in. She looked around and finally understood why it was called what it was. There was a television, a bookshelf, and many other things. Though her attention was grabbed by a stuffed animal on the shelf. She had a weakness for these so she walked over to it bending over to get a closer look. She touched it lightly and spoke to herself, "Cute..." She then kept doing this with the other numerous things on the shelf acting like a kindergartner who had just learned all these words. Hopefully nobody would see her.

                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                Location - Outside --- Dorm --- Study/Play room
                With - Nobody
                Mood - Curious
                Outfit - ((The dress that's in the picture))
                Song - Track Number 1
                OOC - First post! Yays! <3 Oh and also Yuri is absolutely free to interact with. ^__^
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Julian Kulio

Relaxing, Julian smiled softly as we watched the younger woman stutter. "Julian. You can just call me Julian. Come on I'll show you the way." Turning around, the vampiress started walking in the direction of the staff dorms. "If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. I'll be more than happy to assist you."

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Amaranth Blazine
Please be my last...

"Thank you, Julian," Amaranth said with a smile. She could feel her heartbeat return to normal pace as she calmed down. For a moment she feared transforming in broad daylight. That certainly would have made for quite the first impression.

She studied her surroundings carefully as they walked, determined to memorize every inch of the campus.

"The campus is so beautiful..." Amaranth commented, hoping to stir up some small talk. "I can't imagine how long it must have taken to build it."
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Ian sat on the roof gazing over the school grounds watching people bustle about. The silver haired boy had a bucket full of water balloons to his right and was currently looking for targets. He picked one up in his hands and tossed it over the fence before backing away and sitting in the middle of the roof to stay out of sight. "I like it up here, nobody ever bothers me up here." he chimed to himself before fumbling in his pocket when he felt a vibration tickling against his leg. "How nice" He muttered as he took in the picture of his cousins last big party that appeared on his phone. "I'm stuck here around no familiar people, no friends, and you're still free to roam New York as you please" he said to himself before lobbing a couple more balloons over the fence. "I wonder if anything exciting will happen today", he thought to himself before laying on his back to gaze at the sky.

Eyes and teeth, new moon on a scale that defies belief
Outside what our fundamental sciences teach, every other mighty lion asleep
Gangway - mine eyes, mine teeth

Currently: Causing mischief on the roof
I wish...: Something exciting would happen
Mood: Bored
~.$.~Cash Briar~.$.~
(Picture Coming Soon)

Cash had taken up residence on the pavement, cross-legged with her bari case and luggage propped up in a kind of make-shift fortress, already thinking of all the horrible things that had been happening to her as of late. She would rattle them off to Felix whenever she got the chance: How she had switched foster-homes in less than 4 months; how she was now the charge of some looney tunes plastic surgeon addict with a fake Southern drawl; how she was forced to go to a really interesting (and by interesting, APPLES-CRAZY) boarding school; how this boarding school hated bari saxes (apparently), indicated by its horrible mode of travel.

Cash would have gotten her cellphone out already and would have been in deep conversation with her beloved ex-parent-- if she hadn't been wearing skinny jeans. Skinny jeans! Those loathsome, wretched, terrible excuses for pants. Clung to your arse like a second skin, it did, and made it completely impossible to get ANYTHING


out of your pocket. Cash groaned in frustration as she struggled once more to release her cellphone. Why'd she ever chose these pants in the first--


Cash, quite on accident, screamed a shrill little-girl scream as an explosion of water suddenly hit her back. She looked around; on the pavement behind her was a broken balloon, and she suddenly swelled with anger with the realization that someone had did this! On purpose! Possibly even just to antagonize her.

Cash...was fed up with all her nerves. She was scared, lonely, and suspicious, and while on another occasion she would have let it pass, today Cash was going vigilante on their smug behind. Searching all across the grounds, Cash saw too more balloons falling among the students and deduced they were coming from...the roof?


Taking a small pebble from where she sat, Cash bounced it on her palm a few times before hurtling it towards the culprit. True, she couldn't QUITE see who it was, but she could deduce their general location. Cash didn't have much control over the situation, she just wanted revenge. Whether her pebble toppled their bucket or bowl of balloons or actually succeeded in rupturing one, Cash just wanted to try and ruin the dude's (or dudette's) day.

She...just hoped she didn't hit them in the eye...
User Image
λ ι ϊ s___ Ғ α ч з


. . . is in . . . the dining room
. . . and with . . . no one

- . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . -

"God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. But I do not envy the great ones. In my experience-and you may find in the end it is yours also-the people I have cared for most and who have seemed most worth caring for-my December roses-have been very simple folk." - J. M. Barrie, Courage

When people talk about the “good ol’ days” they talk of simpler times. Alis envies those people. There were never “simpler times” for demons, not here. They were the rejects of hell. They craved and possessed and never had enough. They grabbed and took to fill their emptiness until there was nothing left, and everything they touched tainted. What Alis realized long ago is that they will never have “enough,” because what they truly desire is not here.

That is to “belong,” and they do not belong here. They could climb the highest peak and dive into the deepest abyss, but that emptiness that drives them to take everything they think they desire will not fill it. It is not in heaven or hell. They are paradoxes. They were expunged from hell for being too good, but they are not good enough for heaven either.

“Topia” means place.
“Ou” in Greek means “not.”
The literal translation of “Utopia” is “nowhere.”
Their Utopia is what they desire.
The irony of it does not escape her.

Into her personal utopia she dives: the catacombs of her mind. Through the marble hallways (only the best for her), up the mahogany spiral staircase, into her hidden corridor. Closer and closer to what is vital, deeper and deeper she delves. There she finds her collection of everything she treasures. Diaries – memories, really – dusty as they are, some from her childhood and a portion of them all pertaining to one man: Taka Ashikaga.

Alis skims through her childhood. How she wished she could fly, and realized with great delight that she could. Back then, she truly believed anything was possible, and her father indulged and encouraged her. He would give her anything she wanted, as long as she kept within the lines – the Boundaries of what it is to be a demon. As long as she did, she could take what she wanted.

She wanted the sky, so it was given to her. She wanted the moon, so she met with it. Their acquaintance was dreamy, unbelievable, beautiful, breathtaking, and literally out-of-this-world. The stars burned and burned like candles in their meeting, just out of her reach, so close and tempting. Always out of her reach.

That’s what the rest of the world was.

“…I do not envy the great ones.” Alis couldn’t help but agree.

It wasn’t until her teen years – or what demons considered were their teen years – when she realized just how restrictive the demon society was. Fickle as they were, for such a carnal group of creatures, the frowns and displeasure of the elders and council could mean death. And death, for a demon, meant nowhere. In death, demons had no place to return to. No heaven or hell. Unwanted by both. They merely ceased to exist.

The literal translation of “Utopia” is “nowhere.”
The irony of it does not escape her.

Alis fingered through memoirs of the man next: meeting Taka, knowing Taka, loving Taka. He was seemed a simpler man then, her rose in December. The pages are worn and fragile, she’s afraid they may fall apart just as her image of him continues to be destroyed by the man he has become. She desperately tries to hold onto the man she can’t have, but she cannot. Because he is gone.

Their Utopia is what they desire, but it is nowhere.
The irony of it does not escape her.

Back in the present, but a foot still in the door of her customized dreamworld, she sits alone in the dining room with her little portable television set on a frequency only available to demons, she watches the debate which will decide the fate of two powerful demons: Taka and Akihito Ashikaga.

Taka vs. Akihito. Akihito vs. Taka. Ashikaga vs. Ashikaga. That is all present demon society has been able to talk about in recent years leading up to this very moment. In truth, Alis knows that this fight has been going on for longer than 300 years. However, this moment in time is what’s important. This debate, them on stage, the lights and all the attention focused on them, all the demon community hanging on their words, their words which could hold the balance of what is to be the future for all demons, their words which will topple what is left of their crumbling relationship… This is their catalyst.
User Image
Ҭ ἁ κ α ___ λ s н ϊ κ α g ά


. . . is on . . . stage approx. an hours drive from school
. . . and with . . . Akihito Ashikaga in front of thousands of other demons

- . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . -

He climbed and climbed up the ladder of the demon hierarchy to be where he is now, and in doing so, he left behind so much. Beautiful things and beautiful people. A beautiful life. Now he is surrounded by nothing but demons, but there is still a way out. An escape from all this would be to simply walk away, down the stairs of the stage, and back to the life he fell from grace. The door, the exit, is still there within his reach, its sign glowing in the darkness at the foot of the stage like hope.

The promise he made prevents him from reaching out to it.

He remembers one particular evening with Alis Faye, when he was surrounded by stars instead of carnal creatures. The stars burned and burned in the background, like the spotlights of the stage. Yet he felt more alive in that moment than he did now.

"Second to the right, and then straight on 'till morning," he quoted then, as he pointed to one particularly bright star. A star so tempting yet out of their reach. Peter Pan, is it true that you could find a Utopia there?

The present, this time, where he was now, is what anyone would call “the moment” when what happened would make or break them for life. Personally, Taka would never grace this time with such a title. The honorary title is reserved for another. He would not taint The Moment with what he is about to do, because what he is about to do is destroy the faint hope of ever escaping from this world of lies and deceit, until his inevitable death. He will never reach that door with the glowing exit sign, because it is not for him.

This is not The Moment. Not for him. Yet he continues to walk down this path of destruction for the promise he made to a dead woman. That was The Moment for him. It made him into what he is now, and it will break him in the end.

Taka fingers through his cue cards: destroy Akihito, destroy Akihito, destroy Akihito. The cards are worn and fragile from constant practicing, because secretly he’s afraid that his plans may fall apart just as the image of him now is nothing but a mask created for her, Kirin. He desperately tries to hold onto the promise he made her, because it is all he has left. No matter what happens, he will not let it go.

He sets his cue cards down on his pedestal, looks out into the sea of demon spectators with an air of determination, straightens his back, and he opens his mouth…

Into his personal dystopia he dives.
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λ ι ϊ s___ Ғ α ч з


. . . is in . . . the dining room
. . . and with . . . no one

- . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . -

By the end of the debate, Alis is in tears. This is the man she fell in love with all those years ago. Where has he been for so long? She fearfully wonders how long Taka will let him be before he smothers him quiet again.
User Image
κ ὰ κ ε r ῦ___ λ s н ϊ κ α g ά


. . . is in . . . an abandoned building near school, infront of a tv
. . . and with . . . no one
((*note: Kakeru can see people's auras))

- . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . -

Particularly observant people look at others through a microscope. Kakeru sees people through a kaleidoscope. Some would say that blinds him, but he would disagree. He sees all the unique colors of their character and how they change from different angles. He sees their beautiful things. Beautiful people. Beautiful life.

They are not snowflakes. They are kaleidoscopes.

In this moment, his uncle Taka’s colors change. His colors become vibrant and blinding. He and the audience sits in awe. Taka is like a composer, his words are his wand, and the audience his orchestra. He speaks and the audience stands up to cheer. The rise and fall of his tenor are music notes, caressing, swaying and evoking emotion, tempting the audience seductively in its promises.

The colors Kakeru sees in Taka remind him of the reddish orange, sparkling reflection of the sunset on the banks of the Helmand River in Afghanistan. It’s so beautiful that people who wished to die would often drown themselves in that river.

This is the moment Kakeru realizes that his beloved uncle is drowning himself. The waters are not of the Helmand River, though. It is the sea of demons. He has tangled himself in the strings of lies and deceit he made himself into, and now he is drowning.

"To die would be an awfully big adventure."

He is reminded of Peter Pan, his uncle's favorite childrens story. Stars shine exquisitely bright just before they die. Before they cease to be. Kakeru wonders about the time when soon he will look up and that star won’t be there anymore, and that fills him with inexplicable sadness.
User Image
λ κ ί н ϊ τ σ___ λ s н ϊ κ α g ά


. . . is . . . leaving the stage, going towards school
. . . and with . . . Taka Ashikaga

- . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . -

By the end of the debate, it seems almost certain that Taka is the best candidate for the open seat of the demon council. He lost this fight, but in Taka’s eyes he had won. What Akihito won, only Taka knows. He is known as the puppet master of the Ashikaga, afterall.
Akihito finds it strangely difficult to hate his opponent when the moment Taka spoke, he could’ve sworn he saw the man who fought beside him in war. His brother in arms. Where has he been?

“Why are you doing this?” he asks Taka at the end, because the man he knew then did not care about politics or power. Titles meant nothing to him, so why was he here fighting for the chance of almost absolute power over demons worldwide.

“Because you can’t save everyone.”

He thinks Taka means that he’s not the right man for the job, but what he really means Taka keeps close to his heart, for now. Akihito leaves through the door with the glowing exit sign that day.
User Image

Ian chuckled a bit as he heard a pebble bounce off the ground near his head. "Looks like someone found me", he muttered to himself before tossing another balloon over the fence. "First time that's ever happened, I wonder if anybody might actually come up here?" the silver haired boy asked himself aloud before standing and making his way back to the fence to resume his people watching. His eyes scanned over the grounds in curiosity, 'I wonder if I'll meet any new people this year', he thought to himself, 'maybe a cute girl or a hot guy, who knows'. He was getting his hopes up, and his mind was starting to wander back to how things would be if he were still in New York.

Are we enabling the artist
Or enabling the addict
I guess it matters to me
I wish It mattered to you...

Currently: On the roof
I wish...: I knew who threw that pebble
Mood: Bored
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

~.$.~C ASH~.$.~
C assidie ~ B riar

Oh, there's our little balloon-throwing ferret, Cash thought with a smirk as she beheld the shock of white hair appearing behind the wire mesh of the rooftop fence, I wonder if Malfoy knows I'm the one who sent that pebble? Seems like she with no sin castedeth the first pebble...Or something like that. However that Bible verse went. A little belatedly, Cash remembered that she was still sitting on the pavement, and, after a quick glance around her, noticed that people had begun to cast inquiring looks in her direction. Their curiosity didn't faze her in the slightest, but once a sudden cramping clench in her calves started to shoot pain up and down the length of her leg, Cash decided it was probably time to get off her arse and wipe the dust from her pants. She still needed to find her dorm room anyway and do away with all this luggage.

As she leaned over to brush some dry clay off the side of Elsero's case, a stray, mischievous thought crossed Cash's mind. Is he still looking for me? Cash thought about the white-haired miscreant, and an inconspicuous glance in the direction of the roof confirmed that he was, indeed, still there and was scanning the crowd below. Fighting back a grin, Cash decided to play a game with him, as a cat might secretly paw at the tasseled hem of his lady's skirt. Let's see how long it'll take him to find me out... Using the power Felix had helped her fine-tune and control, Cash lifted another, slightly larger, pebble that sat several hundred feet away from her, and hurled it at the boy again. She made sure to skew her aim enough so that the pebble would miss the boy, but rattle the fence very close to him. Cash couldn't help but feel a little excited; she was a child involved with the childish brand of shenanigans. It felt....it was calming. Almost like...like home..

While Cash strove to remain conspicuous and keep her game going further, she allowed her gaze to sweep across the campus. She spotted a small group towards the edge of the forest greenery, a youngish girl and a youngish boy and a not-quite-as-youngish looking woman. Cash blinked. The woman had an air of authority about her, and Cash wondered if she should have a small chat with her to get better oriented with this place, but the woman walked away before Cash could make her way towards them. Drat, Cash thought, mentally scratching her head. Her gaze turned towards the youngish girl and youngish boy. She cocked an eyebrow. Humph, maybe they can help me out?.

"Excuse me?" Cash called, shuffling as fast as her luggage and her bari case would allow, "Excuse me miss!" She waved a little to try and get the girl's attention; the girl looked like she was a bit more savvy about this place than the tallish guy. It didn't really matter. Hopefully, someone in the general vicinity would be able to point Cash in the direction of her dorm so that she could put away her burdens and her arms and neck and shoulders would stop burning so much from the weight. Maybe then, when she had gotten oriented with her room and surroundings--maybe she would make a visit to the roof...

What Cash failed to realize is how she felt much less lonely than before. The call to Felix would have to wait until later.


Right About Now..: Tormenting IAN, approaching HAKUREI and KAI
Floating Around My Brain-Pan: "I wonder if that boy will figure me out?"
Heart Never Lies: Childishly Excited
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K A Ixxx V O Nxxx M A T S U

                              spacallovelies you c a n n o t run away .↻This .Game .Will.[Never]. End*

                              lLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlXXXXXXXX-- so . . . which star will be the next to fall?--

        Well, that's no fun, no one likes a quitter. [limegreen]" But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist." he replied crossing his arms like a child would if his parents wouldn't let him have sweets before dinner. " So what if people get caught? Don't you still want to find it?" he asked. Then another mischievous smile appeared on his face, " Besides if they don't want anyone to find it, it must be something worth finding." he said. Which was true, humans tended to want to keep things of importance away from others and usually they were worth the hunt, unless of course it is like an old sweater or something.

        There are still secrets to uncover


        Sorry so short!

User Image

Julian Kulio

Glancing back at the woman, Julian was glad to see she seemed to have calmed down. Turning back to watch where she was going, she nodded in response. "It took quite a few years to get it looking as good as it does now, but in the end it was worth it," she answered. "I've put a lot of work into this school so I'm happy to hear you like it."

Turning down a hall, Julian entered the doors to the staff dorms then turned. "Here are the Staff dorms. Do you need help with anything else?"

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3nodding heart
Amaranth Blazine
Finally, a new life! ...Sort of.

"Ah- no," Amaranth replied, running her hand through her hair nervously. "Thank you, Julian. I look forward working with you." She gave the Dean a quick bow before entering.

It was much bigger than she had anticipated. And cleaner than what she was used to. She walked around a bit before entering her own room.

Amaranth took a deep breath before giggling with excitement and throwing herself onto the bed. "Ahhh! So clean!" She rolled onto her back and closed her eyes in an effort to take everything in. This was much nicer than her crummy old apartment. Her heart raced with anticipation as she imagined what teaching her first class would be like. Although she wasn't quite getting her childhood back, she felt like this was a great opportunity to start over.

After fantasizing about the upcoming first day, she took a quick glance at the clock. Tonight she would have to start her new shift at the bar downtown- she needed this to make ends meet. She pressed her face into her pillow with realization. Her excitement faded. Some things would never change.

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