i'm usually pretty laidback and chill...

then suddenly i'll become fierce and passionate...

i'm creative, ambitious, and insightful...

i was once Tribe Lord years ago...

pet peeves are close-mindedness and weakness...

i hate whiners and emos...

i move a lot...

i used to attend an art academy...

i'm an intj personality type (2nd rarest kind)...

so i'm very aloof...

and tend to up and vanish for months at a time...

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You Are A Visionary Soul

You are a curious person, always in a state of awareness.
Connected to all things spiritual, you are very in touch with my soul.

You are wise and bright: able to reason and be reasonable.
Occasionally, you get quite depressed and have dark feelings.

You have great vision and can be very insightful.
In fact, You are often profound in a way that surprises yourself.
Visionary souls like you can be the best type of friend.
You are intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and a good healer.

You are a mixture indeed- the stability of blue but the fire of red. You're a poweful force, whether you know it or not, and ambitious. You're creative, wise, and often misunderstood. Some may believe you're fake or artificial, but don't listen to those pricks. Do children feel especially drawn to you? Gloom, frustration, and daydreams aren't strangers to you.


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In Dedication to my Old Friends

The title says it all...obviously....



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The Pinoy

Report | 03/30/2012 6:17 pm

The Pinoy

cool avi

Report | 06/20/2011 11:03 pm


oi, whenever you feel like coming back from the dead, let me know. I still wanna finish that rp with you from like, '09. I want to know whether or not your dead! Talk to me soon
Neo Char

Report | 09/23/2010 6:55 am

Neo Char

Your profile song is creepy because its basically all men......... sweatdrop
Lord Narsha

Report | 08/01/2010 12:04 am

Lord Narsha

hey man hose it goin

Report | 07/23/2010 7:04 pm


*looks around profile* nifty!
l l Senpai Noticed l l

Report | 06/20/2010 11:01 pm

l l Senpai Noticed l l

It's just one of the Gaia ones that I edited a bit with stickers. ^.^
youre so beautiful

Report | 05/01/2010 4:58 am

youre so beautiful

Indeed,I am having fun.

Report | 09/24/2009 6:19 pm


H3y wuzup?
hw u been? mrgreen

Report | 07/07/2009 2:20 pm


yhea my name is alexis
and if you don't know my name then do you remember garrababy222

Report | 07/06/2009 4:58 pm