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Why did you attend Romance High?

Desires 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 5 ]
Wishes 0.022222222222222 2.2% [ 1 ]
Dreams 0.066666666666667 6.7% [ 3 ]
True Love 0.31111111111111 31.1% [ 14 ]
Education 0.044444444444444 4.4% [ 2 ]
Acceptance 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 6 ]
Friends 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 5 ]
Family 0.022222222222222 2.2% [ 1 ]
Purpose 0.022222222222222 2.2% [ 1 ]
Other 0.15555555555556 15.6% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 45 ]
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ʝ u ʟ i α ɳ x ɼ o ȿ e x ɮ u ʟ i ѳ


    Julian rose an eyebrow as the boy pulled out an umbrella and she chuckled slightly. Of course he was bound to do research on her. Speaking of research, she still had to write that speech for that assembly that welcomes all the new as well as the returning students. The worst time of year was when they did the speeches for the students. She hated the drafting, the rewriting but in the end, she was always content with her speech.

    As he answered her question, Julian wondered at the ideas people got. The boy was anything but mean if his behavior so far was anything to judge by. If anything, he seemed like a nice young man, which made her want to get as far away from him as possible considering her history, but she shoved the urge away. "Just be yourself Kai," Julian said, patting his arm. "As long as you are yourself, then everything will be fine."


Deanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kai R. Kaji xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dean's hallway



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Kai R. Kaji

Location: Dean's Hallway
Company: Julian
Position: Student/Butler
Kai looked at Julian with a smile and light nod when he glanced a bit ahead seeing a little flash and what like an arrow of some sorts fly towards Julian "Ojuo-sama" he spun in front to keep her under umbrella as the arrow lodged itself in his bag but the tip nipped his shoulder still "Whoever shot that had some power to pierce my bag and still got my shoulder. Are you alright?" Kai smiled gently as they began to walk again he had his sword ready moving to her side his eyes narrowed and looked deadly though he was still inside a normal person.

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