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Hello there I'm May-chan. <3

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Holmgeir Report | 01/08/2019 11:08 pm

Holmgeir Report | 01/08/2019 1:54 am
I'll link it to you when it's released. I check that site everyday because I tend to buy Japanese capsule toy there LMAO.

I think it's within this month.

Also you can choose the figure(s) you want to buy, not just the full set.
Holmgeir Report | 01/08/2019 1:19 am
No prob!

You can buy these at auc-toysanta (on Global Rakuten) when they're released. This site ships oversea directly from Japan with different methods and very reasonable price.
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Holmgeir Report | 01/07/2019 8:39 pm
Hey, did you see this upcoming-release capsule toys yet?
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Holmgeir Report | 12/08/2018 1:22 am
It's okay. I just kinda not get used to it even though I keep getting very usually.
People either don't know that I'm ultra gay for females or even secretly like cute animal characters.

I mean I'm not expect to get my top faves like Samus or F!Corrin all the time. But I'd prefer something like Pikachu, Isabelle, Villager, Piranha Plant or even Roy Koopa much better than super masculine male characters.
Calea Report | 11/09/2018 4:40 pm
Hot dang, May! Well done on your modern Link look! Looks very in character. eek heart
-xAyameNatsumex- Report | 11/05/2018 8:09 pm
Cool male avatar May! hope you're doing well and life isn't giving you a hard time. emotion_c8
heart valve of justice Report | 07/29/2018 8:21 am
Sorry to hear your hiking plans dive bombed. cat_sad

Have you thought of moving out and finding room mates? Maybe there are peeps at your college looking for such.
xPurpleSocks Report | 06/02/2018 1:28 am
Thanks for the Purchase~
littlest bunny Report | 01/21/2018 8:03 am
Thanks for buying! emotion_bigheart

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♥ I love anime (Obviously)
♥ I cosplay
♥ I'm an aspiring manga illustrator
♥ I ship a lot of ships...
♥ I love to rp
♥ I love a lot of anime guys...
♥ I love to sing and voice act
♥ Baking is a small hobby of mine
♥ I wish to one day live in Japan
♥ I lack confidence in my artwork
♥ I'm learning Piano
♥ I like Japanese commercials
♥ I'm really shy around new people
♥ I hate presenting...
♥ I own a lot of Hello Kitty stuff
♥ I really want to sew gaia items irl
♥ I procrastinate a lot
♥ I really love Hunter x Hunter

♥.- Gon is my son, I'll protect him at all costs!
♥.- Killua totally ships Leorio and Kurapika.
♥.- Leorio and Kurapika should totally get married...
♥.- The fam deserves a happy ending.
♥.- If Kurapika dies, I'll cry real tears.
♥.- If Leorio dies, I'll die too.

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