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::grins:: ano, Personally I'm a fan of going for angel wings and boots. Definent fan of big black boots. After all, you've already got kitty ears... the boots would just make the purrfect puss 'n boots outfit!! >^.^<
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*is really, really afraid of big, black, boots*
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-trench coats
-armor (plate)
-sneaking suit (like solid snake!)
-ninja outfit
-cyborg ninja outfit
-bone armor
red panda mask!
a mosaic block for those of us who seek enlightenment through the path of no pants!
and an invisibility cloak!
even better, an invisible cloak!
Like the one in the emperor's new clothes...dumb people can't see it.
Make it a rare item.
Some more interesting styles of pants for girls would be good, too. Like flare pants!
I notice the guys have all the cool clothes, maybe "refitting" them for us tomboy girls? smile
since i like the color blue much.
what i want is :
- a matching cloth of blue color.
i couldn't find this color blue shoes.
i almost forgot

- a blue bandana and a blue headband.
What would also be fun is all manner of crazy wigs and stuff. I want one of those huge beehive pompadour wigs from the French renaissance period! And, presuming I get that, a fan.
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Yeah! We need courtly regalia, or else we shall appear foolish before the king! Like peasants we'll look!
uhhhhh, a black sign containing the word "censored"


Armor, Shaolin Monk Outfit, Karate Uniform?
Maybe, if things get really crazy, we could run around in mecha suits? That'd be really expensive, though. ^-^;
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And Tesuaiga! Give me TETSUAIGA!!
Ok, here it comes.....

-More clothing...
-Facial hair!! (i want my character to look similar to me)
-Cool headgear
-Unique body accesories (maybe jewelry, and possibly some form of tattoos? maybe?)
-CHEAP cigarettes....500 was way too much, but i guess its rare currently...

All that and shockwave games shootre figthing and rpg wit the gaia anime flair and like an original anime shortfilm(i.eflash)theater
Oh oh dudes you know what would be a cool hair style? Like that school student ruffian/ delinquent hair style-- kinda like what Kurabara from Yuyu Hakusho has ;;;;;
http://www.projectbag.com/yuyu/pics/ep_guide/ep_03.jpg --behold the magnificence! (on the right side ;;;; )

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