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-bowler hat
facial hair
wrist bands
elbow pads
head bands
belts -specifically a rope belt
trench coats
weapons - I want sharp pointy things for my dude to hold

Hey, here's an idea. How about if each day, a new item is added?
A new item a day?!! It will be VERY taxing on the programmers.
I know cuz I used to know people who programmed the code for the items in these shops for the characters ... it takes a hell lot of time.

An update per week is already a good thing.
Can it be done?
Ok, per day is too much, but couldn't they just program a bunch of items with a time release counter?
I would like to see, Shoulder Holsters/with guns. and work boots & FF style swords.
That I cannot answer ... maybe we can wait for a admin to come in and answer that qn for us hehehe ... but yay .. .they are gonna change to a faster server later. ... *jumps up and down excitedly*
I agree on more pants for girls!
And the men demand dresses..*hears crickets* err..

White and black angel wings and bat wings would be nice too. Maybe in two sizes? Small cute chibi-sized wings and bigger full sized ones?

Oh and tails. smile (Foxes, cats..)
nude patch! oh wait... I guess that cant go.. :/
Nude? redface
Heheh .. it might look like just some squarish pixels covering your avvie ... hehehe .... it'll look funny and cute!
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I'd be in favor of a stylish suit, Sherlock Holmes style!
most everything has been said, so I'll just add these
Zoot Suit or leisure suit, or something kinda similar maybe a tuxedo

I'm thinking here that these items would like... seriously kick a**:

Top hat
Fake nose and glasses and moustache
3-D Glasses
X-Ray glasses

sounds kewl sounds kewl? ;
Lolita dresses for the men~! XD
Hmm, I think it will need to stay into the realm of fantasy. 't's already strange to see cigarettes here, let alone fake noses XD
i want a sword that is about my size and isnt very sharp but could destroy/crush anything if hit.. an arm made of metal that i can shoot from.. black armor.. a bow gun.. throwing knives.. but mainly i want my big a** sword..
What about job classes to choose from? And then each job maybe has some neat extras only available for that job. Examples could be fantasy characters like summoners, dragoons, knights, black mages, theifs and so on all the way up to current trades like being cops, cia, doctors & nurses, skaters, artists, freak shows etc. Or historical outfits, like Pharoahs, Indians, Cowboys, Samurais, Shaolin Monks, Dutchmen?? alrite enough already wink

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