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As I stated before...
a Snorlax Suit. ^o^

A Megaman Helmet
Pasties for the ladies razz
Some Millenium Items
A Rocket Pack
A Tanuki Suit
A digivice
Huge Akuma Beads
annnd... some Dragon Balls.
Did somebody mention this one already? Super Mario-style plumber pants. Hm, and a golden headband like the kind the Monkey King wears. Halo, horns. biggrin
-beanies! And other assorted headwarming devices
-pets - like a pet rat that sits on your shoulder, or a griffon flying next to you lol

mmm... character customization *drool*
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I say, a character profile, like a pretend race, attributes, etc. Just to add that roleplay feel to this world...
wings(butterfly angel, demon, dragonfly, chicken..etc)
more skin tones and textures(like rocky, scales, or pitch black)
aura affects
weapons(staves, axes, swords, scythes, frying pans, etc)
a smiley face mask cool
hand cuffs
school girl outfits (don't look at me like that)
elf ears
plug suit
133t t shirt
...and lots of other 133t gear
They already have elf ears in the shop. (I wonder if it only comes in that one skin tone..) Longer pointy elf ears would be nice though...
Yes! Schoolgirl outfits are a must! The skirts are there, but not the appropriate shirts!
Hrmmm~ definitely hats, more animal appendages, WEAPONS!!! *mwahahahaha~~!*, accessories like handbags/backpacks, kneepads? XD
This isn't exactly an item suggestion, but I thought it would be neat if players could have the option to change their facial expressions. It would be a little strange to pay gold for a smile or a laugh, but maybe *along* with the gold, players could also earn "exp," and with those exp you could earn different expressions or possible levels... though the leveling up might already be under production. Errgh. >_o

*Edit: Nevermind, this has already been brought up in the questions and feedback forum. So many forums and posts... @_@;
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I don't know if this has been mentioned, but...leather boots. I don't like the selection of shoes and sandals that there is for girls. And how about a lab coat?
Things I want:
Boy clothes for girls (tomboy clothes) and girl clothes for the guys (just because it would lead to some messed up looking avatars lol )
Big black 'waffle stomper' boots.
Wings (angel, devil, fairie and other)
Thigh high shiny leather high heeled boots (don't always want her to look like a tomboy wink )
Tight shiny leather mini skirts and maybe a whip (to go with the thigh high boots, of course twisted )
PETS! Like having a cat or a dog (or heck a small dragon) standing next to the avatar.
Weapons of all sorts. I can see her with a big mace. Can't you?
More skin tones.
The ability to switch sexes without having to create a new account. I was sucked in by the girlie cuteness. But if I ever wanted to switch to a guy avatar (since I am a guy) I'd have to create a new account.
Ties! School uniforms need ties.
Armor (and not just that skimpy chainmail bikini that passes for female armor in most fantasy themed shows / comics. I'm talking full body armor)
Robotic parts? (I want the metal hand from Army of Darkness)
Facial scars (like Cammy or Emeraldas)
Arm bands.
Bracelets / anklets
Knee pads / elbow pads / helmet
Gag items like and arrow through the head or (like some one said earlier) Groucho glasses. That sort of thing.
Bikinis (summer is on the way)
Things with shiny metal studs (leather jackets, etc. I'd like to make her look like a punk once in a while cool )
But, most importantly more kick-a** cloths for the girls. They don't all have to be all sweetness and light, ya know.

Whew! Ok, that's enough for now. smile
As I stated before...
a Snorlax Suit. ^o^

A Megaman Helmet
Pasties for the ladies razz
Some Millenium Items
A Rocket Pack
A Tanuki Suit
A digivice
Huge Akuma Beads
annnd... some Dragon Balls.

I agree with this Megaman helmet idea. Much greatness will come from this! Or at least one of those hardhats @v@;

edit: now that i think about it-- i wonder how they could possibly take into account for all these ideas.. i wonder which ones and how they are going to choose? ;;;;;;;; there is alot of info to wade through indeed ;;;;;;;;
I'm down with Siryn's (super-expensive) mecha outfit idea.

Also, goggles, available over the eyes, on the forehead, or around the neck. Glasses would look cool on the forehead too.

For maximum personalization, it would be great to purchase letters/numbers/symbols to put on our clothes. Probably only the chest area would be big enough, but that's cool.

And I would be willing (and ethusiastic) to make any amount of items, if the programmers want to share some of the workload. Just let me know.
I, also, would love to help if the programmers would like!

Well.. I, also, want kitsune ears and tails!!!!!!!
and... I wanna cabbit..
and masks (Hell, my name is 'Harlequin'!)
.........scythe, definately...
Different style glasses?
...I *REALLY* want a fan made up of cards (Do you know what I mean?)
A hedgehog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And a peacock. Yes, am obsessive. I already told my bf that our kid has those as his/her first 2 halloween costumers. And I'm hoping not to have kids for 10 years.... ^.^;;; wink

a pair of siccles. And I cannot spell.
uh........a sketchbook. (Hey, you'd never catch ME without one!!)
....*wanders off to think*

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