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Hey guys,
I've noticed a lot of people asking for new items, etc. Believe it or not, most of the items you guys have suggested were already in the works (a few of which will be added in the next update).

But anyhow, we're always open to more suggestions as to what you guys would like to see added. There are no guarantees that the items you suggest will be added, however, you're free to suggest them anyways. Who knows? They might just make it into the game. smile

Also, keep in mind that this is only the first release and we are still trying to shake out the bugs and whatnot. We have a lot of neat and cool stuff planned for the future.

Let the madness begin... twisted
I guess I'll start this thread off...

I want a REVOLVER outfit! biggrin

see--> www.lastshotcomic.com
- Magical Canes
- cool pointy hats
- capes

and mebbe

- seasonal stuff. Like masks for halloween and holiday outfits...

Yeah ... Mage stuff ... capes, cloaks, hats, headgear, hair accessories, magic staffs and wands.
And I'm thinking Ninja stuff too ... like a mask, and the black outfits they wear.

Oh and high cut boots ... up to the knee.... I dun remember seeing that in the store.

Thank you wink
What about, a pencil being held by my ear! XD We're artists aren't we? (Well, some of us. ^^)

Contacts! XD Hehe. Useless contacts that you can't see...oh, sorry...I'm being silly. (Colored contacts might be cool though. ^^ Instant eye color changer! XD Not like I would want it though. smile
And bags and pouches on a belt would be neat. smile I think this could get outta hand... *g*

RGB sliders for all the peraphenalia, from hair to shoes. (impossible?) facial hair, for girls too.

long belts. biggrin
long belts that loop 2+ times around your waist...
wristbands =] and maybe a "fancy flower".
maybe you could incorporate a way to make our own sprite clothing?

but, i'd like to see a werewolf mask. and...definitely stuff like hoodies and you should throw in gloves of different sorts. headbands... headphones...i'm just throwing stuff around, i haven't checked too far in maybe some of these are already there. maybe like a gas mask, luchador masks...i don't know.
Perhaps Angel wings/Devil wings? I really want a paintbrush though. . .
Facial Hair

It would have to be buyable tho.. last thing i need is to recreate a char just cause i didnt have the option of adding facial hair when i was creating it.
Either that or let people remake their face if the option of a beard or burns become available
a Moogle
Ok, here it comes.....

-More clothing...
-Facial hair!! (i want my character to look similar to me)
-Cool headgear
-Unique body accesories (maybe jewelry, and possibly some form of tattoos? maybe?)
-CHEAP cigarettes....500 was way too much, but i guess its rare currently...
I know I said this before at another place, but get more pants for the girls. Too many short shorts and short skirts.

But I hope the stuff will get to a point where we'll look like the happy people in the front page. ^_^;;

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